A Quick Guide to Franchise Link Building in 2023

Franchise Link building

Franchise Link Building

White hat link building strategies can help your franchise attract more franchisees, generate more traffic for existing ones, or both.

Today, we are going to look at the importance of high quality content and which link building tactics can help you grow in 2023.

Creating Quality Content Assets That Earn Links

The content on your website must capture the attention of visitors and drive them towards taking action. As part of your digital marketing plan, your content also needs to be visible in search engines. Not all content will serve the same purpose, so making sure you align content strategy and purpose are essential.

What Types of Content Earns Links Naturally?

When it comes to link building, informational content is going to generally earn the most links. In order to get the most value from those pages, there are few content types that you should include.

According to a recent study by Spyfu, the following types of content are most likely to earn links for different websites naturally.

  • How To Posts
  • Guides & Ebooks
  • Opinion Posts
  • Interview-Based Posts
  • Original Research Posts (Including Statistics)
  • Roundup Posts


As a franchise, you need to use your size and reach to your advantage. Publishing relevant content that is “linkable” and then using your network to share those pages is a great way to get started. This can be via email lists, social media, and even paid advertising channels. The resulting readership can lead to more shares and naturally occurring links.


Building Additional Links to Your Content Pages

content and link building for franchises

Once the initial sharing is completed, you can further boost these posts through other white hat link building methods. Over time, manually promoting these pages will help them rank higher for the informational searches related to the content. This in turn will trigger more sites to link to yours.

In order to take full advantage of the second round of earned links, conducting manual outreach is often necessary. Below, we are going to discuss a few white hat link building techniques that are effective.

Guest Post & Blogger Outreach Link Building

Reach out to other websites that are relevant to yours and offer to contribute content. Guest posting typically includes an author bio, where your link will be placed. For guest blog posts, your focus should be on sites likely to send qualified referral traffic to your site, as the links are often “no follow”. Blogger outreach posts do not usually contain an author bio, your link is in the main content of the post, and they are usually “do follow” -meaning they have more SEO value than guest posting. In either case, focus on real, related sites for maximum value.

Unlinked Mentions

When it comes to white hat link building, reaching out to sites that have mentioned but not linked to you can be one of the “easier” wins. This tactic works best for established companies, so if you’re a new franchise, this may not be practical.

Resource Page Link Building

Like unlinked mentions, reaching out to quality, related resource pages is a favorite strategy about white hat link building agencies. When you are creating or promoting your content, take the time to find resource pages that are linking to similar content and share your page with them. The success rate of this tactic can be low, so be prepared to contact a lot of sites per placement. If you do have substantially better content than the pages they are currently linking to, that will really help conversion rates.

Roundup Post Link Building

Roundup posts are simply pages that curate lists of information. This could be quotes from industry leaders, “best of” lists, or answers to a question from multiple individuals. If you can find sites that have round ups of information related to your franchise, reaching out to them can be an effective method of link building.

Build Links for Local Franchisees

As a franchise, you could have hundreds or thousands of franchisees, each serving a local area. Take advantage of this local presence to get listed on quality sites. Easy tactics like sponsoring events, listing each franchisee in the top 100 local citation sites, or reaching out to local media with a story can generate a lot of safe backlinks. If your website is structured so that franchisees are in a sub-directory of the main website, these placements will also boost your main website.

Incorporating Links Into Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2023

As part of your overall digital marketing, building links can be a powerful addition. Avoid black hat tactics, and focus on safe, long-term outreach. Continue to build backlinks that are white hat, and over time Google will reward your company with more keywords ranking and more eyes on your site.

If you are looking for a quality link building service, contact us today and let’s see if we can help you seize growth opportunities by leveraging Google search as part of your digital marketing plan.

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