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Plan Your Effective Water Restoration Marketing Strategy for 2017

The restoration industry can be a ruthless competitive one. It dictates a thorough sense of quality and service. Because of its competitiveness, a strong and effective online marketing campaign is so important. Once you have established your restoration business with smart marketing tactics, the referrals will arrive in droves.

Marketing, much like restoration itself, is an ongoing effort. One that never quite slows down even when things are going particularly well. The general rule of thumb is that without marketing, you have no real capacity to build your business and consumer base in a predictable and scalable way. Without a consumer base, you have no referrals. And as such, the lifeblood of any restoration business is non-existent. Marketing is vital to the growth and success of a restoration business.

With the industry being as competitive as it is, out marketing your top competitor and those that are threatening your market share, is imperative.

Where should you start? Here are some proven marketing strategies for your restoration business:

Online Referral Program

Referrals are of particular importance to restoration businesses. The industry is so reliant upon trust and care when dealing with a customer’s requests. There’s a lot of money and work involved in the restoration process, and so people want to know that those doing the work are going to provide the best service. Simply put, a referral is a system with which people help one another by sharing their experiences with a service. The more positive the experience, the more likely the person is to relay their experience onto a friend. It’s quite clear then why restoration businesses are so reliant upon referrals for business.

Word of mouth referrals are important. You could encourage word of mouth referrals via your website. For every person that books your restoration service via your website, provide them with a unique code to pass onto friends for an additional discount. You’re encouraging the referral by offering a gift. A study conducted by the University Of Chicago found that non-cash incentives were 24% more effective in encouraging a referral than a cash incentive was, perhaps you could offer an additional service or gift.


PPC Advertising

Paid search (PPC) advertising is a fast and efficient way to position your website in the top results of a search query. People searching for restoration services represent high purchase intent. These searches generally lead to more clicks on a PPC ad than an organic search listing.

While your content strategy will land you in search results, PPC campaigns are designed to target very specific interests and audiences. They can also be used to promote sales events and other time-sensitive offers that may otherwise take weeks to appear in search results. Using both PPC and organic search results from a strong content plan leads to incremental growth in clicks when they appear together.


Use Images That Reflect The Quality Of Your Service

Images are a shockingly underutilized tool in online marketing circles. Having a memorable, powerful and colorful image can do wonders for your website, content strategy and brand, which improve your chances of turning a visitor into a lead. In the case of your restoration business, your service is focused on quality design so your images should be reflective of this. Potential customers are looking for someone that will turn their restoration plan into a reality, and the images on your website need to reflect this.

The research tells us that the world’s leading marketing executives think images are key to telling a brand’s story. You also want your content to be read and for customers to engage with your site, and content with good imagery gets 94% more views. Colored visuals and images also significantly increase the chances of a person reading content.

The research doesn’t lie: we’ve known for a while that imagery can be just as important as words, because it represents your brand in different ways and ultimately sticks in the visitor’s mind longer than a string of letters. Don’t let this discourage you from a strong content plan: the more your visitors can associate the images with your restoration business, the more likely they are to read and trust the content on your website.


Strong Content & Local Search Strategy


The website for your restoration business is going to be the first point of contact between you and potential customers. This is why your online presence needs to be on the top of its game. The website needs to cover the basics, like your business phone number, address, and the services available. Things like contact forms, email, and social media links will provide an alternative means of contact for people that can’t connect via phone.

You also need to register your business at Google My Business, so that if someone is directly searching for your service (as per a referral), the first thing they see is a rich snippet with all of the important information for them to see. This is important for local SEO. If a potential client is searching for restoration services, they are searching for a local company. It is important that local clients are able to easily find you.

If you aren’t familiar with local SEO, check out our in depth local SEO guide.

Developing great content is also crucial. When people land on your page, they want to know that they’re dealing with experts. Articles and case studies are proven to be the most effective forms of content marketing, with improving customer engagement being the key drive behind a strong content strategy.

Having a content marketing strategy is also going to help your standing in search engines, which is where a lot of your organic traffic is going to come from. Most of the time, those conversions you see from your great content will have come from Google. Publishing free, high-quality and informative content shaped around your expertise and the type of service you provide will drive people to your website: Google will treat your website as a “high-authority” site, and rank you near the top search results.

The challenge is in creating good content that attracts the attention of Google. Many websites rely on cheeky tricks like keyword stuffing to get people to their site, but Google eventually punishes these sites.
The online marketing experts at Stellar SEO can help you build a strong and efficient marketing strategy for your restoration business, including creating good content, building great links, and effective PPC campaigns.

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