seo vs ppc for law firms

SEO or PPC: Which is Best for Your Business?

One of the many questions businesses ask in today’s digitally-driven world is, “Should I invest in SEO or PPC for my online marketing campaigns and brand building?”

While it is true that using both can give large benefits to your company, not all companies have the resources to use both. For those of you trying to decide which is best for your business, here are some key points to consider.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both SEO and PPC


Essentially, SEO helps your website turn up on Google Search as organic links to content that people actually want to see without paying a sponsorship. This means that your website, product, service or landing page appears at the top of the search results through quality content and on page SEO & link building techniques.

• Cheaper than PPC
• Returns keep growing
• Lower maintenance as time goes on
• Better Long-term performance
More users trust organic links than PPC

Did you know the average conversion rate for SEO leads is 14% Vs. 3% for PPC?

• Has to be built up over time.
• Needs talented and creative teams of content creators and specialized knowledge.
• No transparency with Google or definitive way to achieve desired traffic or conversions.


Pay-Per-Click Ads, on the other hand, lets you throw money at what SEO tries to do naturally. You essentially pay Google to feature your links (if they are written well for the right keyword) at the top of search pages above the organic links, effectively showing your results first—if they are written well.

• Your website, product or service is at the top of the search results page, even before users see organic links.
• Your ads get delivered to people that want to see them, even before they make a search.
• While paid, you only pay for actual usage—when someone clicks on your ads knowing they are ads.

• Returns are unstable and slow.
• You need a team of SEO-savvy writers and experts who can develop your ads with the right techniques.
•When you stop paying, the ads stop running.
• More difficult to maintain in the long run.
• Does not contribute to site ranking on organic searches.

Given the pros and cons of each tool, which one is right for your business?

When it comes to driving traffic and building your brand, the best is still SEO.

Why? Take a look:

• SEO techniques are what drive PPC campaigns, so learning and implementing SEO have higher returns on investment instead of PPC campaigns.
• Both approaches require good teams of writers—it stands that you save more resources when you pour your talent into the campaign that has higher ROI in the long run—SEO.
• Once your website or company has built its brand, SEO effectively lets your followers, fans and clients run your marketing.

In the end, SEO may not be transparent and can be difficult and harder to maintain—but quality content that drives traffic still has higher ROI and costs less in the end than PPC campaigns.