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Technical SEO-The Re-birth of Fundamental Online Marketing

Since at least 2010, bandwagon jumpers have been shouting “technical SEO is dead”. For the past few years, and really since the late-90s, non-technical SEO companies managed to rank sites with link building alone.

As most of you know, 2012 was the year when the SEO world was shaken to its’ core by the Panda and Penguin Updates. Since the initial update, Google has been “improving” its’ search algorithm with regularity at what seems to be a faster pace than ever before. Along with creating unhappy SEOs and webmasters, these updates have brought a new found importance to technical SEO and long term online marketing plans.

Below, we are going to look at just a few of the changes you should be making to rank and prosper online in 2015 and beyond.

Grab Your Stopwatch

Almost anywhere you look today, you will read about improving the user experience of your website; but what does this really mean? Think like a site visitor; what would you expect from a website? I expect a site to load quickly and to provide me with clear and simple navigation to internal pages. Google has announced that sites capable of doing this will be rewarded. While it may sound simple, refining the back end of your website and making the adjustments needed to boost loading time and easing navigation requires some serious planning. If your SEO Company is not doing this, you should be looking elsewhere for advice.

Structuring Data

Using the appropriate markups gives your site structured data which can be reviewed in your Google Webmaster account (You better have one by now!). Structured data allows search engines to create “rich snippets” which is basically a short preview of the site returned in search results aimed at helping searchers find the most relevant information from your website. Several markup options exist to help you structure your data as part of your technical SEO strategy. Sites such as are a great resource for finding the correct markups and their use. Although this is not a huge factor in 2014, it is going to become much more important in the coming years.

Mobile Ready is a Must

Although more web design than technical SEO, the failure to have this feature will certainly affect your rankings. At its’ inception, simply having a mobile website was great. Desktop versions of a website would just redirect to a mobile website where users could start browsing your site again.  Google has stated that websites with a blanket redirect to a mobile site instead of having a mobile and desktop version of each page will rank lower. In order to fix this issue or avoid it all together, you need to have a mobile ready or responsive website.  Recent data indicates over half of all users browse from tablets and phones; why wouldn’t you want to reach them effectively? If you are not mobile ready at the moment, you need to be or you are losing out on rankings and traffic.

Technical SEO is certainly not dead or dying. Like the rest of the search engine optimization field, technical SEO is changing and as SEOs we must change through testing and training programs with it to ensure we are providing the best possible user experience to site visitors and capturing more traffic through search.

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