Video Marketing for Law Firms

video marketing for law firms

While content marketing remains the best way to engage customers and recruit new business, the type of content they consume is increasingly changing.

In a world filled with rehashed articles, the typical internet user is craving something fresh and exciting.

Does this mean written content is no longer valuable? Not at all! Video is simply a great way to expand your reach and audience.

In part, this hunger coupled with technological advancement explains the skyrocketing popularity of video marketing for lawyers. Videos can be entertaining, engaging, and let you show off your personality. Here’s some data to support these findings:

  • 69% of shoppers prefer to watch a short video than read a text article to learn about a product or service. (Wyzowl)
  • 71% of shoppers have bought a product or service after watching a branded video on social media. (Social Media Today)
  • People watch more than 1 billion hours of video on YouTube daily, and more than 16% of YouTube users are in the United States. (Alexa)

Is Video Marketing for Lawyers Effective?

Various law firms, including Oremland Law Group, have achieved incredible success with attorney video marketing. This law firm leverages innovative videos on Instagram to grow their brand presence. Adam Oremland, a personal injury lawyer, entertains and engages his audience by staring in short personal injury videos exploring fictitious injuries.

He uses Instagram Stories to promote new content alongside posting videos to his Instagram feed. By consistently posting hilarious yet helpful content on the platform, @Thelawbulldog has built a community of over 550K fans.

Achieving this kind of success with video marketing isn’t a fluke. It takes consistency, a superb marketing strategy, laser-targeting, and user engagement to pull it off.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Attorney Video Marketing

Like any other service-oriented businesses, law firms can benefit significantly from an excellent video marketing strategy.

  • Including explainer videos on your home page improves engagement and grows conversion rates by 20%. You can use these videos to break down complex issues and explain the claim settlement processes.
  • Over 85% of marketers who use video marketing in 2020 recorded a positive ROI.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the marketing landscape and is driving people to consume more video content.

Types of Video Content for Law Firm Marketing

Video marketing should be part of your overall promotional strategy, as discussed in our law firm SEO guide. Here are 5 types of videos you can use to grow your law firm, improve your SEO ranking, and connect with your target audience:

The Spot

These are short and punchy videos that are 5 to 30 seconds long. Spots are exceptional marketing assets because you can distribute them everywhere. You can use them as YouTube ads, TV commercials, and social media.

A spot video should immediately engage the audience and tell your story concisely.

The 15 to 30-second videos are just the right length to hit the sweet spot on social media. They’re perfect for sharing on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


The Explainer

Data from CDC indicate that almost 40 million people suffer unintentional injuries each year. Most of these people don’t file a personal injury claim because they’re unsure how it works. Running a series of explainer videos walking the target audience through the process works is a great way to tap into this market.

You can post them on your site’s home page or sprinkle them on several landing pages. Voice-overs and animations are excellent ways to explain how the personal injury process and what the claimant should expect. You can use live recordings and tell your story in a visually appealing way.


Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a powerful marketing tool since they have existing clients recommending your services. A well-crafted video of happy and satisfied clients can be very impactful as testimonial videos give your target audience a firsthand account of how your services transform lives.

Have a few enthusiastic clients tell a monumental story about how they couldn’t have done it without your sage legal advice. The goal here is to have a prospect put themselves in the shoes of your happy clients. You want to paint a vivid picture of the experience and results they can expect after hiring your services.


Value Demonstration

Legal representation makes a difference in personal injury claims. Victims get bigger settlement checks, the claims are paid much quicker, and insurance companies play ball when you hire a lawyer. These are some of the salient features you should play up in your value demonstration videos. There’s plenty of data and statistics you can compile and use the information to drive your point home.

You can use animated video, voice-overs, or use a charismatic host to speak passionately about the difference your services make. Amplifying the impact and the difference that hiring reliable personal injuries will resonate with the target audience. You can also include a few client testimonials in these videos as well.


Company Culture Videos

Company culture videos are an excellent way to grow and humanize your brand. It helps put a face to your law firm instead of making it into a formal faceless entity. The key here is to market your brand while highlighting your company’s ethos.

You can use the videos to paint your law practice as fun, easygoing, and approachable without watering down your professionalism. Humanizing a law firm is an excellent way to attract new business. Culture videos also help to attract new talent to the firm, lowering your recruitment costs.


Maximizing Impact of Video Marketing for Attorneys

It’s so easy to get caught up in the sideshows when venturing into video marketing for attorneys. You can get lost in the infinite pursuit of likes, comments, shares, tweets, and reactions popular in the online marketing scene.

To ensure that you’re getting the best ROI from your video marketing campaigns, observe a few best practices.

  • Run laser-targeted campaigns. Take the time to create detailed buyer personas and use that information to guide your video marketing efforts.
  • Pick your marketing channels carefully. The goal of a video marketing campaign is to be seen by the right audience. Use the buyer personas to identify platforms popular with your target audience and target them accordingly.
  • Don’t aim for virality. While stunt videos get lots of likes, clicks, and shares, they’re quickly forgotten. Not to mention it’s tough to predict which content is likely to go viral. Focus instead on creating a steady stream of helpful videos that resonate with your target audience. This will help you build brand authority and position yourself as a subject-matter expert.
  • Include captions. Some users prefer to watch videos with the volume off. Captioning videos lets you reach such people as well.

Video marketing for attorneys is an incredible way to grow your brand presence, increase engagement, attract new clients, and grow revenue. The consumer market is asking for more videos, and you should listen to them.

With proper planning, video marketing for lawyers can elevate your legal practice and let it tower above the competition while endearing itself to the target audience.


Achieving an exceptional digital presence requires experience, careful planning, and creativity.