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What is Blogger Outreach & How Can it Benefit You?

While there are several options for link building, if done properly blogger outreach is one of the most effective methods for increasing rankings and organic traffic to your site. But what is blogger outreach, and how does it work?

Blogger outreach means what it sounds like: outreaching to bloggers and asking them to review your company or place a post on their website linking back to your site. If your company has a well-established blog, you may already get outreach from other companies.

Why? Because it works. Studies show that 81% of people online trust the information they read on blogs, and 61% of those people have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.

The Need for Bloggers

Bloggers are a fantastic word of mouth tool. They have often built an audience who trusts them and will listen to what they have to say. This is an audience you may not be able to reach any other way.

However, blogger outreach is about more than just an endorsement or an article placement. It is also about back-links to your site and the social media signals that come from the blogger sharing your post with their audience.

Meeting Goals

Like any other link building efforts, you need to set goals for what you want to accomplish with a blogger outreach campaign. This will help you determine what kind of campaign to run and when it is over if it has been effective.

These can be as simple as expanding brand presence, increasing reputation, increasing sales, or attracting new prospects.

One of the primary things to understand with blogger outreach is that it takes time. Reaching real sites, securing placements, and seeing results is a long-term project, and setting goals and expectations accordingly is essential.

Finding Relevant Bloggers

One of the keys to blogger outreach success is to make sure you are reaching relevant bloggers, ones that will reach your intended audience because they already have followers and traffic in that area.

There are two ways to find these bloggers. One solution is to try to do it yourself. You can use search engines to search for bloggers in your niche, network with other blog owners, or discover bloggers who are following you on social media and ask them to partner with you.

The problem with doing blogger outreach yourself is that it is time intensive and your network is limited. Your company may not have staff with the skills needed to do effective outreach, and hiring someone internally may not be practical.

Outsourcing blogger outreach is much more viable for most companies. The outreach service provider already has personnel in place that do some key things for you.

  • Outreach to relevant blogs
  • Pitch articles in your niche that meet your requirements
  • Screen sites to weed out those that are spammy or irrelevant
  • Create the content to be placed on the site

Most of the time these services charge either per post or per campaign, depending on your needs.

As you can imagine, this can be a lengthy process even for a single site. Blogger outreach services can guarantee quality and placement, something you may have to experiment with if you choose to do this work yourself.

Building Links

Bloggers are a great way to build strong, relevant links to your site, one of the most important factors for improved search rankings. Google and other search engines pay attention to them, and over time the algorithms have only gotten smarter. Blogger outreach allows to you place articles on other sites that meet Google’s standards for illustrating three key things:

  • Expertise: You and your company want to be recognized as experts in your niche. An important part of this is not just saying you are an expert, but having other people endorse your expertise. Blogger outreach is a great way to do this.
  • Authoritativeness: Proving you are an authority in your niche is much easier if you create authoritative, informative content on someone else’s blog (guest posting) as well as your own, and if they validate your authority in the same way they do your expertise.
  • Trustworthiness: No salesman will convince you of their trustworthiness by telling you that you can trust them. However, if others tell you they are trustworthy, and illustrate why, you are more likely to believe them.

These three things are all part of the E.A.T. principles that are a part of Google’s site evaluator guidelines.

A Note on Anchor Text

Blogger outreach is about creating a natural backlink profile.

The days of keyword stuffing anchor text or even pieces of content are gone. Such content is no longer valuable.  As Google gets smarter, the most important aspect of content is that it is informative and offers a good user experience.

Overusing specific anchor text especially across several sites linking to the same page makes Google believe those links are spammy, because they probably are. One of the purposes and advantages of blogger outreach is building those good, natural links that send the right signals to Google and other search engines.

Blogger Outreach Works

When done properly, blogger outreach is one of the most effective link building methods in use today and it is one built to stand the test of time.

Blogger outreach results in steady, long term growth, but because of how it works, it typically results in more sales and higher conversion rates. This is in large part due to relevancy: real, relevant sites tend to drive real, relevant customers.

There are other link building methods that can affect metrics like Domain Authority (like scholarship link building) but that have little or no effect on your actual Google ranking or the number of potential customers that see your site.

If you’re not engaging in a blogger outreach campaign yet, you are probably missing out on potential customers and revenue, along with great link building opportunities. Check out our outreach services and let us show you firsthand how effective it can be. We are one of the top 10 blogger outreach services in the Country!