How Will Google’s New Indexing Changes Impact Link Building?

Google has figured out that people are using the “submit to Google” feature to get low quality sites/pages indexed and because of this abuse, they have decided to change how the tool will work.

Here is what John Mueller had to say about indexing during a recent Google hangout:


While the big news seems to be the fact that the “submit to Google” tool won’t be working the same, the real message in the words of John Mueller is :

“In general for most websites you shouldn’t need to use this tool at all. There should be no need for you as a normal webmaster to submit any individual URLs for kind of the normal day to day sites, like through the search console through the submit URL tool.”

What does this mean for Link Building?

Specific to link building, this change is one of many I anticipate seeing the near future that make it harder to get low quality links indexed. Low quality PBN articles, web 2.0 style content links, and link insertions into low quality sites are going to be harder to get indexed and without being picked up, they most certainly won’t be helping your rankings.

In short, links placed on sites that publish quality content and receive real user engagement are going to get picked up faster and more often than low quality links. This concept isn’t new but a lot of link building services are still offering links from sites that may have a hard time getting indexed after this update, since popular indexing tools may not work like they did in the past.

If your link building company is still relying on dated tactics, you may not see the results you are expecting or have seen in the recent past. Perhaps it is time to shop around for a new link building service, the kind that delivers quality placements on real sites with real traffic.


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