In order to rank well in Google, you need quality links pointing to valuable content. Our link building services will help you earn those links while increasing the reach of your content. Using a multi-phased approach, our team will learn about your business goals, audit your existing links & content, and craft a customized plan based upon our findings. We can build links using a variety of tactics such as resource page link building, blogger outreach, and PR outreach to secure brand mentions. Once we know more about your goals and resources, we will select the perfect combination of tactics and merge those into a cohesive link building strategy that gets results. If you are ready to start the conversation, get in touch today.

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VVisio Lending
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We are currently using their services and we couldn’t be happier. They are delivering on what they promised and are head of the game. The team responds back timely and is extremely knowledgeable, without hesitation to give insight and advice.
EEdward Bye
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Been looking for a company exactly like Stellar SEO for a while. Perfect for link building and so so helpful and responsive. Would be buying them a beer if they were in the UK.
MMichael Austin
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Travis and the entire Stellar SEO team have been a pleasure to work with. We are going on 9 months with them and we have been extremely pleased with the success and attention to detail with our campaign. SEO gurus!
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Courteous and frank. Could have roped us in to something we couldn’t afford and wouldn’t have helped. Instead, gave us good pointers and told us that his services wouldn’t be worth our expenses. Very helpful and frank.

Frequently asked questions

Link building can positively impact your business in many ways – especially when you choose a link building partner that knows how to align your goals with the correct outreach tactics.

Here are a few of those benefits.

Increased Credibility – link building services can help you get featured on popular sites that are trusted within your niche. This gives you exposure to a pre-built audience and having seen you on that trusted site – many potential customers will associate your business with authority in the space. Through repetition, this will help you become a trusted advisor in your niche.

Increased Brand Awareness – Along with the boost in credibility, white hat link building strategies such as posting on niche relevant authority sites will help you rapidly increase brand awareness. This link building strategy works especially well if you are able to get featured on the top 10-20 sites your idea buyer reads regularly. The more often they see you in the places they prefer, the more likely that they are to recognize, refer, and engage with your company.

Referral Traffic – link building services are traditionally thought of as a way to improve search visibility and they do a great job of that. However, some of the best link building tactics are ones that can help you generate referral traffic from relevant sites. This can be done through resource page link building, broken link building, being included in roundup posts, or by contributing to expert guides – to name a few. This will give you another source of revenue while you are waiting for your search engine rankings to improve.

Better Quality Traffic – Google’s search engine algorithms are continually getting better at understanding search intent and returning the most relevant pages. If you have great content that meets their intent, link building will give you the final push to help you rank in one of the top few spots. As compared to outbound advertising – someone who searches for exactly what you offer and is met with content/information paired with their stage in the buying cycle is much more likely to stay on your site.

More Leads – As mentioned, the alignment of your pages with the intent and stage of the person searching increases the likelihood of them being an “engaged” visitor. The more content they consume, the better they will understand your approach, unique value, and how you might help their business. This will ultimately lead to not only more leads – but better quality leads as well.

Link building services can bring a lot of value to your organization but they are not a magic bullet. The right link building agency will help you pull all of the pieces together, to maximize your likelihood of benefiting from them. Taking the time to find the right link building service can have a big impact on your SEO success.

Stellar SEO’s custom, high quality link building service is perfect for companies that need safe, effective, and long term link growth strategies. We have spent years testing and refining our link building service so that we can land amazing links for your business month after month, creating greater visibility for your site.

Our custom outreach link building services include research, competitive analysis, strategic planning, and link acquisition. In addition, we also offer blogger outreach services for those simply looking for a fixed monthly link building package. Both of our options will help you secure outreach link placements on quality, relevant sites. Our link building agency has handled everything from small local link building projects to full scale enterprise link earning campaigns. Using our unique framework and thorough screening process, we consistently secure quality back links for clients of all sizes. Put simply, our team of link building agency has the knowledge, guidance, and framework to deliver quality links for real businesses safely and reliably.

If you are not familiar with link building, terms like blogger outreach, guest posting, broken link building and custom link outreach can be a little confusing. While each company’s custom service will differ, here are the general definitions of each type of link building. Understanding what each tactic is can help you decide how to outsource your link building in the most effective manner if you will be using a “self managed” link building service or package.

Guest Posting

Guest post link building is when you contact another blog and contribute a piece of content to their site. This can be done a couple of ways. You can guest post as yourself or you can submit a guest post from a credible author in the field. In order to know which works, you need to consider what role you want guest posting to play in your link building strategy. Overall, they are a good way to create a lot of contextual relevancy while diversifying your backlink profile.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is very similar to guest posting. You contact websites and offer to contribute content in exchange for a link back to your website. In most cases, blogger outreach comes from a third party author and mentions you within the main content of the post as a resource. Guest posting on the other hand may get you a link within the main post or in the author bio if the post comes from you, which may not be the best link building approach, again, depending upon your overall strategy.

Broken Link Building

Broken link building is a tactic in which you look for quality, relevant websites that currently have broken outgoing links on one or more of their pages. Those sites are then contacted and notified of the broken link, while offering a suitable replacement. With this strategy, you can look for pre-existing content on your website that would be a good replacement or you can create new content if the amount or quality of broken link opportunities warrants doing so. It is also important to remember that broken link building can be paired with other link building tactics to promote a piece of quality content. If you think this type of link building service could be effective for your content assets, be sure to bring that up when speaking with your link building company or SEO agency.

Brand Mentions

PR and link building services overlap in some cases and this is one of them. Brand mentions are when you reach out to prominent writers/editors/reporters in a particular field and try to get them to mention a new product, service, or even your business as a whole.

Resource Link Building

Resource page link building services are pretty popular and are generally accepted as a white hat link building practice. Resource link building is a tactic in which you reach out to websites that have a curated page of resources that they feel will be helpful to their users. You may find resource pages that link to a page or resource that no longer exists or you may just have a resource that would be a value addition to their list. In either case, this strategy can be effective for promoting long form content, first hand data, and similar tools and value driven pages.

Niche Edit Links

Niche edit link building is a type of link building in which your link is added onto an existing page on a website. This is very similiar to broken link building and resource link building. The problem with this service from many providers is that they offer link inserts for $30-$50 per site. This is often an indicator that those services are focused upon getting links added to low quality sites that often lack relevancy. As with other types of link building, you often get what you pay for, so be sure to choose a reputable niche edit service to significantly reduce the risk of your link building campaign. .

Link Reclamation & Unlinked Mentions

This set of tactics goes together very well. Link reclamation is when you reach out to sites that previously linked to you but have since removed or replaced your link. This could be because your content was outdated or the page they linked to may no longer exist. In either case, older websites can often secure a decent number of links using this strategy.

Along the same lines are unlinked mentions. If someone mentions your company by name or references a page, resource, or image on your site without linking to you, that is an unlinked mention. If you were recently mentioned, this can be another great way to secure links by claiming something that is already in place. Link reclamation + unlinked mentions works great for older websites with large historic link profiles or those that have received a lot of press coverage.

Link Exchanges

Link exchanges, as the name implies, are when two or more sites agree to link to each other. If two sites are involved, it is often referred to as reciprocal linking as well. This tactic is heavily debated in the SEO industry. If you properly screen and select link exchange opportunities, it can be beneficial, but it is not without risk. This particular tactic is not one that many people offer as a service, but rather something that may arise in the course of conducting link outreach. If you are not familiar with link exchanges, be sure to check out “What is a Link Exchange?“.

Podcast Link Building

Podcast link building can be a good addition to a comprehensive link building plan. Podcast link building as the name implies is a tactic in which links are acquired by appearing on podcasts. Getting booked on good podcasts can provide a good link placement and the opportunity for branding and referral traffic building.

PR Link Building

Press release link building is a dated and controversial tactic, but can be helpful when used correctly. Essentially, there are two types of PR link building. The first and most common is using a syndication service to push one “release” out to hundreds of websites. This tactic was scrutinized by Google and before using this, it is important to make sure the type of PR you are using fits the overall goals of your campaign.

The other type of PR link building is more similar to brand mentions. Typically using a PR firm, a select group of media outlets are contacted and pitched to cover or mention your brand. This is typically a cost method and works best for brands and bigger companies that can sustain a larger monthly budget while momentum is built.

Video Marketing & Outreach

Video marketing, like podcast link building, is a hybrid method, allowing you to benefit in more than one way from a piece of content. Video content can be a commercial, educational video, or simply something for entertainment value.

When paired with other white hat link building methods, videos can serve as the foundation for your outreach efforts. The type of content produced will determine the best use and promotional methods, but overall, this can be an effective means of promoting your business while gaining links. The right video will make or break this strategy, so don’t skimp on production quality.

Citation Link Building

Citation building is the process of listing your business on relevant business directories, with the main purpose being to establish geo-relevancy. Building citations is most helpful with how you rank in Google Maps listings, but it can be used as part of a diversified link building strategy as well.

Unlike other links which can cost between a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars per link, citations are generally $5 or less per listing, making them an inexpensive way to diversify your overall strategy.

Custom Link Outreach

Custom link outreach is not so much a single tactic as it is the overall strategy used to combine the most applicable tactics for any situation into an effective content promotion strategy. Oftentimes, this type of service will combine consulting, competitive research, link prospecting, auditing, and link outreach, along with a lot of data analysis and planning.

This type of service is usually a little more expensive than stand-alone tactics like blogger outreach link building. However, having the right strategy can be the difference between wasted spending and remarkable ROI, so don’t rule this out on cost alone. Custom link outreach is also a good option to bridge the gap between link building and content marketing.

Content Marketing Vs. Link Building

Content marketing is defined as the combination of whitepapers, e-books, educational blog posts and other content with the intent of informing potential customers.

Link building on the other hand is more focused upon outreach and promotion of both education content and when possible, sales content. White label link building is simply when one agency hires another to build links for their clients.

That being said, there is definitely an overlap in the content & link building. For example, if you are trying to build resource page links, having a definitive educational guide on a topic is going to improve your success rate tremendously.  So instead of content marketing vs link building, you should be thinking content marketing + link building = better ROI.

While the link building tactics list above is not an exhaustive list by any means, it should help you get up to speed on the most common tactics pretty quickly.

Great question! Whenever we take on a new project we dedicate the first few weeks to thoroughly researching your niche, your competitors, and the search landscape for your target keywords. That is part of our unique approach to digital marketing and outreach link building. Upon completion of our research, we will have a clear plan for your site, based upon what is working best in your industry. This approach is a little more time consuming and a lot more effective. One thing you will never see from Stellar SEO is pre-made, cookie cutter, link building plans. We offer manual,contextual link placements.

Upon completion of our research and planning, we will launch your campaign. While the specifics vary, here are a few of the methods we have used to land killer links for our clients as part of their managed link development plans:

  • Editorial Links on Niche Sites
  • Identify Guest Posting Opportunities
  • HARO (Press) Source Link Acquisition
  • Resource Page Outreach Links
  • Broken Link Reclamation
  • Skyscraper Link Outreach
  • Expert Content Development
  • Select Submission Based Links (Citations, Industry Associations, etc.)

Sometimes a few links are all you need. Affiliate sites, agency clients in a maintenance plan, a quick bump for a local client, we get it. If you are looking for just a few links, check out our blogger outreach page to place a one time order for the exact number of links you need. With the blogger outreach service, you tell us the page you need links to, the anchor text you would prefer, and the DA range you need, then we deliver Stellar links in roughly 30 days.

Stellar SEO has developed custom link outreach strategies for sites in various niches ranging from car audio to water purification. Regardless of how mundane your topic may be, we will think creatively and find strategic link acquisition opportunities for your site.

During the research phase, we will review your current anchor text profile. That information is used to plan out the anchor texts we will use. In most cases, branded anchor texts, naked URLs, and generic anchor texts are the best route to take to build a natural, long lasting link profile. As one of the top link building agencies in the U.S., we have the experience you need to power your custom link building campaign. Proper anchor text selection paired with the best link building tactics for your goals can lead to explosive growth.

It’s hard to keep such a great service under wraps. As a result, we have been contacted by several agencies seeking white label link placement solutions over the past few years. If you are an agency looking for relevant, authoritative, SERP smashing link building services for your clients, we can help. We offer per link pricing options and for agencies with over $10,000 per month in combined link spend, we also offer white label custom link outreach campaigns too. We know discretion matters to you so we do not disclose information about the agencies we work with or their clients. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs.

No. In order to rank in today’s competitive search environment you need to first make sure your website can serve as a solid foundation for your future efforts. Quality backlinks are important, but they must be part of the bigger picture. When evaluating your website, Google looks at several factors including:

  • Site Speed
  • Site Architecture
  • On Page Content Optimization
  • Quality of Content
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • User Experience
  • Trustworthiness of Your Site

As a matter of fact, Google considers over 200 factors in total when determining how your site should rank. From guest posting to technical SEO fixes or full scale SEO services, our team is familiar with all of the elements needed to develop a rock solid online presence. Ensuring you have a solid site, great content, and manually building quality backlinks that are built to last will help you reach your idea buyer more often. Links are an important part of the puzzle and a good link building service will work with your existing team to maximize synergy and impact of all your SEO efforts.

Link building is often the most glamorous but difficult element of a solid SEO strategy. With link building remaining as one of the most effective means of improving rankings, this really isn’t surprising.

Quality Link Building Serves A Few Main Purposes:

  1. They are and have been for several years one of the most important Google Ranking Factors.
  2. Guest Posting and Brand Mentions on a niche relevant website can send quality referral traffic to your website.
  3. You can gain brand recognition by appearing on relevant blogs, podcasts, and other types of interviews. This helps with SEO rankings, expands your audience reach, and helps you build industry expertise.

Link building involves many tactics and supporting content is a must. In order to succeed, you need to have the right content to promote and a tested set of tactics to promote it. Guest posting, blogger outreach, and other popular link building services can all be effective, so long as you choose the right one for the job.

If spending countless hours attempting DIY link building doesn’t sound like the best use of your time, it may be time to consider outsourcing your link building to a reputable, professional link building service.

Generally speaking, link building is the process of getting other websites to add a link pointing back to your website. As discussed above, there are many tactics that can be used to acquire links. You can learn more about link building in our comprehensive guide: The Definitive {Process-Driven} Guide to Building Links in 2020.

What Is a Backlink on a Website?

A backlink is the actual hypertext link on one page that points to another page. For example, if ABC.COM wrote a news story about your site and added a hyperlink within it, that would be a backlink.

The code to create a standard backlink looks like this:

<a href=””>Visit Stellar SEO</a>

When rendered as the visible link on a page it would simply display as:

Visit Stellar SEO

When reviewing your link profile, there are two different metrics meant to measure your links, backlinks and unique referring domains.

What is the Difference Between Total Backlinks and Total Unique Referring Domain?

A backlink count shows how many times you are mentioned in total. For example, if you were mentioned on three different pages of, you site would have 3 backlinks.

A referring domain measures the number of unique domains that are linking to you. Using the example above, you would have 3 backlinks and 1 referring domain.

What Makes a Good Backlink?

At Stellar SEO, we focus on the A.R.T. of link building, which puts emphasis on Authority, Relevancy, and Trust. These elements, mixed with content and outbound link screening can be used to properly vet link opportunities. You can read more about The A.R.T. of Link Building here:

The link building company that your hire should be able to help you craft a custom link building strategy that aligns with your goals. Avoid link building services that only offer one size fits all link building packages.

This is a hotly contested topic. Some people believe that any attempt to get other sites to link to your site can be considered “grey hat” link building, or something that goes against Google’s guidelines.

Others believe that so long as you are using natural outreach methods to promote relevant, valuable content, you are giving Google what they want.

John Mueller of Google stated in a Google Hangout that when asked about link building:

“So basically on the one hand that involves some amount of self-promotion from your side like you have to get some people to come and visit your website somehow so that they can recognize that this is actually a good website.

And there are lots of ways that you can do that. And then that also involves one of those people or some of those people going well, this is a really fantastic website and I have another website that I can link, from where I can link to your website.

So it’s not the case that every visitor coming to your website will say it’s a fantastic website and I also have a website and let me link to your website from my website, but some of these people they can.”

Which would indicate that link outreach done right is more than likely what Google is looking for and willing to reward. White hat link outreach is more costly and time consuming, but it is worth it – if you are serious about safe, long term growth and higher search engine rankings.

The right link building tactics paired with a solid plan lead to quality links and strong growth – so take the time to find the right link building company.

The cost of link building is going to vary tremendously from project to project. Our blogger outreach links can be purchased individually, with the cheapest link costing $297. In some cases, a local business may only need a couple of these per month to overtake the competition.

On the other hand, our custom link outreach service typically starts at $5,000 per month but can exceed $30,000 per month on large, comprehensive enterprise level projects. These can include video, content creation, and outreach at a very large scale.

In cases where your budget is less than $5,000 per month, but you are a good fit for our service, we can often build out a managed blogger outreach project which offers per link pricing with limited research and planning. This is only practical in some cases, so the best way to figure out which service you need is by booking an initial call to discuss your project.

Google sees links as a vote of confidence for your website. The more votes you have, the more credible your website becomes.

When it comes to link building, there are three main elements that will determine how long a link building campaign will take to be effective.

How does your website stack up to the link profile of your competitors?
With your budget, how long will it take to acquire the number of links needed to close that gap?
How long will it take Google to reward you for the newly built links?

As a quick example, let’s say that for your most important keyword, the average competitor has 20 unique referring domains to their page and you have 5. You would need to build 15 links to bring yourself up to the average of your competition as a first step.

If your budget allowed you to build 3 links per month, it would take about 5 months to build 15 links. During this time, your competitor may have built more links as well, so you need to keep that in mind when planning a timeline.

The last part is how long it takes Google to give you the benefit of your newly placed links. A few studies have been conducted, with the intent of determining how long a link takes to have full impact after it is crawled by Google.

One of the most credible studies indicates that roughly 10 weeks is the average time for a link to take effect.

We have found that while some results can happen sooner, the 4th month is really when you start to see the impact of newly acquired links, with the resulting growth compounding thereafter. Link building is a long term strategy, so realistically, you should expect a campaign to last for at least 6 months to get a meaningful impact. This will again depend upon budget and competition, so no two projects are alike.

Hiring a link building agency may not be possible if you have a very limited budget or you may prefer to build an in-house link building team instead.

If you decide now is not the time to hire a link building company, we have put together a number of valuable resources that will help you learn more about and launch your own link building campaign.

Here are some helpful resources to get you started:

In addition, you can find many more guides and resources to help with your link building efforts on our blog. Taking the time to find the best link building services for your project and produce an incredible ROI and position your company as the market leader.

At Stellar SEO, our link building services have produced top rankings in some of the most competitive industries imaginable and we would love to build a strategy that can do the same for your business! When you hire the right link building company, who develops a customized white hat link building strategy, your search ranking & visibility in Google can increase dramatically.



Achieving an exceptional digital presence requires experience, careful planning, and creativity.