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Relevance is key to truly benefit from ranking on top of search engine results pages. Our team of SEO experts specializes in identifying the most relevant keywords your target audience is actively searching for and their search intent.

Our keyword strategy provides a solid foundation for creating relevant content that will rise above the noise and connect with the people who matter most to your business. With our bespoke strategies and data-driven insights, we ensure that every click counts, driving more traffic, engagement, and conversions to your site.

Our Keyword Research Process

At Stellar SEO, we employ a unique, client-focused keyword research process that ensures you can achieve your goals. Using an in-depth process that includes identifying relevant search terms and completing a competitor keyword analysis, we can boost your business website for the SEO keywords most important to you.

How We Find the Right Keywords Aligned With Your Business Goals

Achieving top search engine rankings isn’t enough to produce results. To drive more conversions, it’s important that the search rankings you reach match your business goals and target customers. Our SEO keyword research services aim to boost search volume for the keywords most relevant to your industry.

High-Intent, Conversion-Focused Keywords

A high-intent keyword is a search phrase that indicates a user is ready to buy. Search intent is a crucial element of keyword research. Our SEO team analyzes each research keyword to pinpoint the ones that are most likely to lead to increased conversions. This process ensures that your website receives more organic traffic and the increased traffic is ready to buy.

Long-Tail, Less Competitive Keywords

Long-tail keywords are highly specific search phrases with more words. Long-tail keywords are less competitive but can still be an excellent way to boost rankings for certain phrases in specific industries. Stellar SEO looks for short and long-tail keywords your target customers may be searching for.


A high-traffic keyword is a search term with high search volume. These are the search phrases that many people use to search on the internet. High-traffic keywords have the potential to boost traffic, which typically makes them significantly more competitive. Stellar SEO reviews search volume when completing SEO keyword research and can help brands determine what they need to do to achieve extremely competitive phrases.

Local and Regional Keywords

Local and regional keywords are location-based keywords. These keywords typically include a city, county, or state, allowing users to find businesses in their general location. Local-based keywords are a great strategy for service-based businesses like real estate agents or contractors. Stellar SEO has the knowledge and tools to achieve national and local marketing goals.

What We Do With Your Keyword Data

Stellar SEO’s keyword research process involves the collection of current search results, competitor data, the most valuable keywords in your industry, and search trends. While keyword research is important, how you use that data is even more relevant to your results. Our SEO company uses this data in the following ways.

Update Underperforming
Web Pages

Keyword research helps our team identify underperforming web pages. Using this information, we can repurpose, reformat, and edit existing content to include certain keywords and provide a better user experience. We’ll use keyword research to ensure each page serves a purpose and that that purpose ties into your bigger goals.

Create New Optimized Service
or Product Pages

Our SEO keyword research services also provide a foundation for creating new content. Keyword research tells us which topics and themes your web page may be missing. We can also use this information to improve your overall content and digital marketing strategy, making it better suited for your target audience and Google bots.

The Importance of Keyword Research for Your Overall SEO Strategy

Why is keyword research important to your business goals? Ranking for the different search engines is nearly impossible without actively searching and identifying the right keyword opportunities.

Expand and Reach Your Target Audience.

Search engine optimization is about reaching a wider audience. You can rank higher, increase organic traffic, and close more sales by finding keywords most relevant to your business and its goals. Once you identify the keywords your target audience is searching for, you can create a strategy to integrate those seed keywords into relevant content, leading to higher rankings.

Turn an Increase in Traffic Into Conversions

SEO doesn’t just bring more traffic to your website; it also leads to
more conversions. When you find high-volume and high-intent keywords, you can reach a customer who’s ready to buy now. Whether that means selling more products or booking more services, the right keywords
can earn you more sales.

Why Hire Professional Keyword Research Services Instead of Using Keyword Research Software

An abundance of keyword research tools makes it easy to research keywords today. However, finding related terms doesn’t cover all the necessary bases of a successful SEO strategy.

Additionally, online tools don’t always provide you with the necessary information. The best SEO campaigns include a good mix of data from online tools, human SEO expertise, and ongoing collaboration, which you can only get from professional keyword research services. You need research services that go deeper than online tools to take your SEO results to a new level.

Why Choose Us for SEO Keyword Research Services

Why choose Stellar SEO for your search engine optimization needs?
Here are a few excellent reasons to choose our team of SEO experts.

We Know SEO Well

Stellar SEO knows SEO, and we know it well. We have the up-to-date knowledge you need to meet Google’s strict guidelines across various industries.

We Value Your Input

Stellar SEO prioritizes a collaborative effort. We recognize that our clients are the experts in their industries, and when you combine our SEO expertise with your industry professionalism, we can achieve great results.

We’re Results and Data-Driven

We don’t just analyze keywords; we continue analyzing data to ensure our SEO strategies work well. Our SEO techniques are results-driven and data-driven, ensuring your business can achieve its goals.

We Have Proven Results

We don’t just claim to know SEO. We have the results and case studies to back it up. We have worked with thousands of realtors, lenders, brokers, lawyers, contractors, and business professionals who want to drive more traffic to their websites.

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Keyword Research Services FAQs

Keyword research services are the tasks of analyzing website traffic and collecting data with the purpose of creating an SEO strategy. Keyword research aims to find keywords that boost traffic and conversions.

The process of keyword research services primarily depends on the provider you choose to work with. Professional keyword research services use a mix of tools and human search to identify which specific keywords and topic clusters are likely to get your brand results.

The best keyword research tools depend on the type of data you need. Moz Keyword Explorer is a free, entry-level option for collecting basic data. Google Keyword Planner allows you to map out keywords. Ahrefs helps your business discover SEO keywords, which can be a great starting point. SEMrush is commonly used by SEO agencies for more in-depth keyword research.

The cost of keyword research services depends on how competitive the keywords are, where you’re currently ranking for them, your industry, and the number of keywords you want to rank for. A keyword research tool may cost between $200 and $1,000 a month, but this often doesn’t include the costs of a professional agency.

If you want to discover what keywords are relevant to your industry and where you currently rank for them, you could do this with an online tool. However, you should hire a service if you want to create an SEO strategy that puts your keyword research into action and gets results.

Professional keyword research services offer many benefits, including reaching a wider target audience, increasing conversions, and capturing more market share. Professional services also allow you to focus on other important parts of your business.

Keyword research services include an analysis of search volume, competitive information, and search trends to identify the right keywords. This information helps businesses maximize their budgets by choosing the keywords that are most likely to lead to good results and a successful SEO campaign.

Targeting the right keywords and providing your users with a more valuable experience can help you stand out from the competition. Users in your market will begin to trust your brand and rely on it for honest, helpful information, meaning they’re more likely to choose you when they’re ready to purchase.

Ideally, you should perform keyword research for your website every three to six months. The SEO industry is constantly changing, and this timeline helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Free keyword tools like Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Trends can be a great starting point for keyword research. However, they’re not usually enough for a comprehensive strategy.

Keyword research is just one part of the SEO puzzle. A good SEO strategy should include professional keyword research services, technical SEO, content management, and off-page SEO techniques.


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