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Stellar SEO offers WordPress SEO services that lead to higher rankings and more conversions. Our SEO agency understands the intricacies of search engine optimization on a wide range of hosting platforms and content management systems, including WordPress.

We know what it takes to get noticed by Google so you can boost your website to the top of your target market’s search results. Completely customized services mean you can rely on Stellar SEO to assist you with the SEO services most likely to achieve your business goals and get you more traffic.

Our WordPress SEO Services

In choosing Stellar SEO, you’re not just getting an SEO provider; you’re gaining a strategic ally committed to covering all your WordPress SEO needs, no matter how complex. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your WordPress site, ensuring it stands out in today’s crowded digital landscape. Trust in a partner that not only understands the intricacies of WordPress but also how to leverage its features to your competitive advantage.

Configure WordPress Plugins

Our SEO agency often recommends WordPress to clients who want to rank because of the many available open-source plugins. Our WordPress SEO services include recommending and configuring the available plugins or widgets that best accommodate your SEO needs. We can help set up Yoast, Rank Math, or other suitable plugins.

Competitor Analysis

A competitor analysis helps your brand identify content and backlink gaps that, when addressed, can help you rank better. Our WordPress SEO services include a thorough investigation of the biggest competitors in your industry to help guide your SEO efforts. Then, we put a plan in place to overrank them.

Keyword Research

Our WordPress SEO company is also well-versed in keyword research services, including analyzing and identifying the phrases most likely to generate more organic traffic. In addition to keyword strategy, our WordPress SEO consultants will help you create and implement a content strategy that meets your users’ needs and satisfies the search engines.

On-Page SEO

On-page WordPress SEO services include optimizing your WordPress website for a better user experience and easier Google Bot crawling. Updating on-page factors like search intent, internal links, and URLs can help your WordPress website rank higher. On-page optimizations can also help with local SEO campaigns.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is as crucial to your overall SEO efforts as any on-page optimization. Our SEO agency has the expertise to conduct a comprehensive technical audit and make the necessary changes to your WordPress website. Using a customized approach, we can implement the required changes or work with your development team to guide them.

Content Strategy & Optimization

The best-ranking websites contain high-quality content and carefully place relevant, high-volume keywords. Our WordPress SEO services include a content audit and specific recommendations that align with your industry and business goals. Our customizable content creation process also helps promote better brand awareness and trust.

Link and Anchor Text Audit

The best SEO campaigns also factor in links. A link and anchor text audit helps identify link building opportunities while fixing broken or poorly redirected links. Our WordPress SEO agency will review your site for broken links to improve user experience. Anchor text offers additional keyword placement opportunities that can help boost results.

Link Building Strategy

A link building strategy is a must for achieving good search engine optimization results. Internal links direct Google bots to different pages of your website, whereas backlinks boost your marketing efforts by capturing authority or trust from other websites. Our WordPress professionals will work with you to outline a link strategy that leads to more traffic.

Link Outreach

Link outreach is an important, time-consuming part of any link building strategy. Our team of SEO experts will handle outreach and placement efforts on your behalf. This includes identifying linking opportunities, communicating with website owners, planning content, and integrating links naturally into high-quality posts.

Reporting and Revising

Our SEO campaigns include transparent, detailed reporting that makes it easy to track your search engine rankings and progression toward goals. Regular reporting from your WordPress SEO consultant also allows you to make any necessary revisions to better meet your optimization goals.

Our WordPress SEO Process

SEO isn’t a one-and-done strategy. Even WordPress websites require regular monitoring and optimization
to compete in search engine marketing. Working with a WordPress SEO company helps you track results, target the best keywords, and achieve good search engine results. Here is what you can
expect when you choose our SEO agency.


An initial consultation lets us learn more about you, your business, and your unique goals. No two companies are the same, and Stellar SEO takes the time to learn what makes you unique. Using this information, we’re better able to achieve higher search engine rankings that bring more qualified traffic to your website.


A website audit allows us to review your WordPress site thoroughly. We’ll check existing SEO plugins, site speed, organic search rankings, and overall user experience. Using this information, our WordPress SEO experts will compile actionable recommendations.


During the roadmap development step, our WordPress SEO experts will work with you and your team to create a strategy. The specific SEO tactics in your roadmap depend on what your audit uncovers and the information gathered from keyword research. We’ll also factor in the competitiveness of your industry and, most importantly, your goals and desired outcomes.


Once we have a plan in place, we’ll get to work. Your WordPress SEO consultant will begin optimizing on and off-page. We can work with your WordPress development team to make any necessary technical SEO changes. Our WordPress SEO company also comprises writers, editors, strategists, and project managers who will move your campaign from start to finish.

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Why Hire a WordPress SEO Expert

Unlock the full power of your WordPress website with Stellar SEO, where we specialize in boosting your
site’s online presence and driving increased organic traffic.


Unlock the full power of your WordPress website with Stellar SEO, where we specialize in boosting your site’s online presence and driving increased organic traffic.

Our team, experts in WordPress SEO strategies, offers analytical and results-driven solutions tailored to your specific needs. With Stellar SEO, you gain a reliable partner adept at navigating the unique features of WordPress to give you an edge over your competition.

From optimizing your site’s architecture for search engine discovery to refining your content strategy for peak performance and building authoritative backlinks to elevate your site’s credibility, our wide range of SEO services are custom-fit for WordPress platforms.

Partner with Stellar SEO and ensure your WordPress site not only reaches but surpasses its SEO goals.

Why Choose Us
as Your WordPress SEO Agency

With so many agencies claiming to be the best WordPress SEO provider, how do you know which one is right for your business? Stellar SEO has expert-level knowledge across many platforms, including WordPress. Our team of WordPress SEO specialists is familiar with the best widgets, formatting, and optimization practices to get your WordPress site seen.

We’re also one of the few WordPress SEO agencies to take a customized approach to optimization rather than selling generic packages. We recommend a WordPress SEO audit to all managed clients so we can learn the ins and outs otf your business. We can also work with a wide range of SEO budgets using this approach. As a top SEO company, we also aim to create a collaborative, open, and transparent working relationship with each one of our WordPress clients.

You may want to give Stellar SEO a call if:

We often recommend WordPress to clients who want to rank because of the many built-in optimization tools. However, knowing which to choose and what changes to make to rank better isn’t always easy. Our WordPress SEO team knows the best SEO strategies to ensure your website is search engine-friendly.

Stellar SEO specializes in optimizing your WordPress site across many industries, including restoration, legal, real estate, and ecommerce websites. Regardless of your SEO strategies, when you work with us, you’ll get results based on data-driven, proven SEO efforts.

WordPress SEO FAQs

No, WordPress doesn’t offer SEO services. However, it does have some excellent SEO-friendly tools built into the platform. You can use WordPress to optimize your website’s on- and off-page parts.

Yes, in general, WordPress is better for SEO purposes than Shopify. Shopify builds websites using a dynamic template with liquid coding, making optimizing backend elements more challenging. 

WordPress uses HTML, which allows for easier user customization. The customizations available with WordPress will enable you to implement more in-depth SEO strategies that get better results.

Yes, WordPress is better than Wix for SEO. While Wix has a few basic-level SEO tools, it doesn’t offer much for more in-depth SEO customizations. 

WordPress is an open-source platform, meaning users have many more tools to achieve unique SEO results.

One of the best WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO measures readability and SEO optimization, which can be helpful when optimizing content. Users can set an intended keyword, and Yoast provides a rating based on the industry’s best practices. 

Yoast also automatically generates a schema markup for the website, which can be edited to include relevant keywords.

No, while Google doesn’t specifically rank WordPress sites higher, the built-in tools available on WordPress can make its sites easier to optimize.


This, in turn, can lead to a more successful SEO campaign. Search engines favor websites with a good layout, appropriate headers and title tags, and clear XML sitemaps. 

WordPress allows maximizing each of those elements, whereas some other platforms restrict your access to coding changes.

Start your WordPress site SEO campaign by getting an SSL, choosing an SEO-friendly WordPress theme, and ensuring that your robots.txt file allows website indexing. From here, your SEO experience largely depends on your industry, business goals, and existing website.

You can make your WordPress website searchable within the privacy settings. To do so, access your website’s settings and set it to public.

No, you don’t have to use a plugin to use WordPress SEO. 

However, a WordPress plugin can make certain SEO techniques easier to implement. A WordPress SEO plugin is an excellent tool for users who are less experienced with SEO.

WordPress SEO shines differently primarily due to its open-source nature. This means the platform benefits from a wide range of plugins and widgets developed by a global community.

These tools, available to anyone using WordPress, make optimizing crucial SEO elements—like title tags, headers, and images—a breeze, even for those with minimal to no coding expertise. 

WordPress’s intuitive interface simplifies selecting keyword targets and tracking your optimization journey, making SEO more accessible.

This means that your competitors will often have better SEO-optimized sites, requiring you to raise the bar to meet and exceed them to gain visibility for your main keywords.


Achieving an exceptional digital presence requires experience, careful planning, and creativity.