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A thorough SEO audit is the cornerstone of any successful online strategy. With a keen eye for detail, our expert team delves deep into your website’s architecture to provide a holistic view of where you stand in the digital ecosystem, uncover hidden opportunities, and address any obstacles that could impede your website’s performance in SERPs.

What is an SEO Audit?

An SEO audit is a thorough evaluation of your website’s performance compared to your organic search goals. Your brand’s ability to rank for your desired keywords depends on a number of factors. Professional SEO audit services from Stellar SEO review each of these factors to identify areas for improvement.

SEO audit services allow you to learn about your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Using SEO audit tools, we review both on- and off-page SEO factors to ensure your website performs optimally and beats your competitors.

Did you know that less than 1% of users click through to second or third search engine results pages? That’s why your business needs SEO audit services that get you first-page search engine results.

Our SEO audit services include a content review, keyword rankings, and technical SEO. We use a variety of SEO tools to review content, keyword use, and competitive analysis. Using this information, we provide your business with a full SEO audit report so you can learn exactly what you need to do to rank better.


When you want to rank higher for search engine optimization, expert SEO audit services are the first step. Our SEO audits give you insight into how well your existing SEO strategy is working and what improvements can be made to achieve better results. Our SEO audit services include the following factors.

Technical SEO Audit

A technical SEO audit is a review of your website’s layout, user experience, and technical components. Our technical SEO team will review how fast your website loads, how easy different features are to navigate, and how mobile-friendly it is across different devices. Search engines favor websites that are easy to navigate and that work properly.

Ongoing SEO audit services also include a routine technical SEO audit that regularly checks your website for things like broken links, which is internal linking that directs traffic to a non-existent page. Too many broken links or redirects can affect user experience and your technical ranking.

Focusing on performance metrics like page speed also improves user experience. Page speed refers to how fast your website loads on desktop and mobile devices. Your website’s page speed directly impacts bounce rates, which are the percentage of website visitors who click through a search engines result, only to abandon the website and never convert to a sale.

By reviewing your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts, we can include unique search traffic data in your SEO audit. Our technical SEO audit also includes both an automatic review with tools like Screaming Frog and a manual check to ensure your website’s working as it should.

Taking the time to optimize your sitemap and robots.txt files ensures that search engines can also access your website. Schema markups are an excellent way to boost your results and are a part of our technical SEO audit process. We’ll also review your existing website structure, internal and external linking, and make any necessary recommendations to help you achieve your desired results.

We also review your website for indexability and crawability issues. If your technical SEO audit uncovers any of these issues, which can significantly affect your search rankings, our team is capable of fixing them. We’ll work closely with your existing implementation team (if applicable) and make specific recommendations based on your business goals and CMS platform.

On-Page SEO Audit

An on-page SEO audit reviews the parts of your website that are visible to search engines and website traffic. Completing an on-page SEO audit and making the required changes can help you rank your intended keywords better while offering your users a more valuable website experience.

Routine on-page audits help you keep your website up-to-date and relevant to SEO industry standards and guidelines. Ongoing SEO services from Stellar SEO also make it easy to track current keyword rankings and identify new ones that can drive more traffic.

An on-page audit includes reviewing meta descriptions, page titles, header hierarchy, anchor text, and image alt tags. Meta descriptions tell readers and bots what to expect from a website or blog page. Page titles are the perfect opportunity for highlighting certain keywords and informing users of your website’s main topic.

Reviewing and updating your website’s header hierarchy ensures a good flow of information and easy readability for users. Anchor text is the highlighted text that includes a link directing readers to an internal or exterior resource. The text used to anchor your website’s links lets Google know what the page is about while allowing you to take advantage of useful keywords. Image alt tags tell disabled users and Google bots what your images are in words. Clear, descriptive alt tags help search engine crawlers correctly index your photos and web pages.
Each of these on-page factors contributes to your website’s ability to rank.

User Experience (UX) Audit

A user experience (UX) audit reviews factors like how easy your website is to navigate, how fast pages load,
and the overall responsiveness of any on-page tools or features. Our UX SEO audit tests each of these factors, which are all important to your SEO results.

Our ongoing SEO audits also include a routine review of user experience. Your website’s performance correlates with conversions, making it an elemental part of your SEO audit. We’ll review call-to-action placements, font sizes, font colors, background colors, and your website’s overall design and technical capability. Each of these factors affects how website traffic interacts with your webpage.

Our team will also consider the accessibility of your website, ensuring it meets industry standards and requirements. Today’s search engines prefer websites that offer value and are easy to navigate, and satisfying the search engine crawlers with a better user experience means higher rankings.

Content Audit & Suggestions

A content audit is a full review of your website’s content, including articles, blogs, service pages, and guides. An SEO audit for website content makes understanding your business’s overall voice easier. You can use the information from the content audit to adjust your existing strategy to better meet your search engine optimization goals.

It’s important to refresh and update your website’s content regularly. This means that ongoing SEO audits can ensure your content stays on brand and targets your ideal customer.

A traditional content audit includes identifying and removing duplicate content, removing or improving underperforming blogs, and creating a better strategy to meet your goals. Our SEO agency uses SEO tools like Ahrefs in combination with Google Search Console and Google Analytics to ensure a data-backed strategy.

Keyword Cannibalization Audit

Keyword cannibalization is when multiple web pages target a single keyword, often forcing brands to compete and split rankings with themselves. Our SEO audit services also look for any instances of keyword cannibalization. Ongoing keyword research ensures your website isn’t reusing keywords and is targeting the ones most relevant to your desired results.

We can also identify low-performing websites, blogs, or articles, repurpose them, and reassign keywords that boost your organic traffic. An action plan using data collected from Ahrefs, GSC, and GA is a part of all Stellar SEO audits, so you know exactly what you need to do to rank better. Sometimes, it’s as easy as removing duplicate content and keywords; other times, adjusting your content goals is necessary to meet your target audience better and achieve better results.

Competitor Analysis & Gap Audit

A competitive gap analysis reviews your biggest competitors to find what they’re including in their strategy that’s working that isn’t yet a part of yours. Competitive analysis reports allow you to discover what works and what doesn’t, including keywords, content topics, internal and external links, and call-to-actions.

Our SEO audits include a thorough review of your competitor’s websites. We’ll also review and track the specific keywords they’re targeting so you can incorporate them into your own web pages. Understanding your competitor’s keyword usage can also provide you with more content ideas, which, in turn, can boost your organic search rankings.

Competitive analysis should also be a part of your ongoing SEO auditing services to ensure you always have a competitive advantage. The faster you learn about new competitors or changes to an existing competitor’s strategy, the faster you can make necessary changes to yours to stay
competitive in your industry.

Our SEO Audit Process

Interested in a comprehensive SEO audit for your website? Learn more about our SEO audit process.


The first step to creating an SEO strategy is to schedule an onboarding call with our team. We aim to learn more about your business and its unique plans during the onboarding process. We use intake forms to learn more about you, your business, your goals, and your concerns. From here, you can expect a custom SEO plan that takes your business to the top of the search engine results pages

SEO Audit

After learning more about your unique business goals, we’ll get to work and complete a professional SEO audit service. Our SEO auditing services include a manual review plus data collected from various SEO tools. You can expect to review a comprehensive, custom audit report with both on and off-page SEO results.


After completing our SEO audit, we’ll send you the full report to review during the included 1-hour post-audit call. In addition to the SEO site audit services, we include an actionable plan with recommendations to help you achieve your goals better. The Stellar SEO team is here to guide you through your SEO strategy, offering expert insight into the ranking factors that go into first-page search results.


After receiving your SEO audit, it’s time to get to work. Our team is capable of translating complex SEO findings into an easy-to-read plan. Our team works with a variety of CMS platforms and can guide you through each of the necessary steps to implement your SEO strategy. While we focus primarily on keyword research and technical SEO, we can also connect you to third-party web developers if necessary. Actionable recommendations may include updating title tags, identifying opportunities for external links, and strategically placing internal links. These on-page factors can make a huge difference in where search engines decide where to rank different websites.

Why Choose Stellar SEO for Your Professional SEO Audit Services?

Stellar SEO adopts a comprehensive strategy for search engine optimization. Our team believes that the best-ranking pages are ones that prioritize good content and provide traffic with the best user experience possible. Website SEO audit services provide our team with the data we need to make SEO strategy recommendations that get you results.

Our SEO agency is truly passionate and dedicated to search engine optimization. With an extensive keyword research background and off and on-page SEO experience, we’re confident we can help you rank better. Whether you need help with ranking factors for specific search engines or want to rank better on Google, our SEO audit report is the first step.

Our SEO Audit Strategy

Stellar SEO audits aim to improve your existing SEO strategy while better helping you increase your organic traffic. Every SEO audit is custom and based on the client’s specific needs and industry. When you choose Stellar SEO, you won’t get a generic SEO audit with basic recommendations. Instead, you’ll receive a custom plan with SEO strategies that actually work.

The SEO audit you receive will include all the ranking factors you need to know, including a technical audit, competitive analysis, current organic search positions, and a full content review. Stellar SEO also values a collaborative approach to SEO results. We’re the experts in boosting SEO rankings. You’re the expert in your business and industry. We believe a collaborative effort gets results.

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Frequently asked questions

An SEO audit service is a full review of your website’s search engine performance. A comprehensive SEO audit can help businesses discover common issues that may lead to lower search engine rankings, including broken links, duplicate content, technical SEO issues, or poor keyword research. 

The primary goal of an SEO audit service is to identify specific action steps that can help boost rankings and increase organic traffic.

The cost of an SEO audit depends on many factors, including your industry, website size, and desired keywords. An average SEO audit cost may range between $1000 and $20,000. The best way to anticipate how much you can expect to pay for an audit is to schedule an informative call with Stellar SEO today.

Ongoing SEO audits that are part of an SEO service are typically cheaper to maintain. Once your SEO firm better understands your business goals and needs, maintaining your search engine strategy can be more cost-effective.

SEO audits are well worth the price. Before identifying or implementing SEO efforts, it’s important first to learn how a website is already performing based on search results. Otherwise, you may put money into website changes or updates that do little to nothing to impact your search results.

SEO audits should also be a part of your ongoing SEO efforts. The SEO landscape is constantly changing, including the factors that go into search results, making it an important part of SEO performance. Regular SEO audits ensure your website continues abiding by Google guidelines and doesn’t fall prey to deprioritization or website penalties.

While some SEO agencies may offer a free SEO audit, it doesn’t typically include all relevant ranking factors. A free SEO audit tool can also provide you with some key details regarding your SEO performance, but it rarely shows the whole picture. Free SEO audits also don’t usually include action steps or a comprehensive strategy. The SEO audit is just one piece of the SEO puzzle. To get a thorough understanding of any pressing SEO issues, you need a thorough SEO audit. At Stellar SEO, our SEO audit analyzes a website’s ability to perform across every metric and provides a clear path forward.

On average, you can expect a custom SEO audit to take between four to six weeks. However, this expected timeline may vary depending on your SEO goals, the number of keywords, the number of website pages, and the team you choose.

After receiving your custom SEO audit, it’s time to get to work. Choose a few low-hanging fruit or easy-to-solve SEO issues to instantly boost your website’s SEO. For everything else, organize the SEO issues into a timeline and make a list of the necessary resources.

When you choose Stellar SEO, you don’t just get an SEO audit, but your report also includes a list of actionable tasks you can make to begin boosting your organic search.

Your website may need an SEO audit if you’re struggling to achieve your SEO goals or you have recently noticed a drop in organic traffic or rankings. You may also notice a high abandonment rate when search traffic comes to your website but doesn’t convert and make a sale. Other reasons you may need an SEO audit include Google changing or updating its algorithm or a recent increase in competitors in your industry.

There are many excellent tools to gather information about your website’s SEO performance results. Some of these tools include Ahrefs and Screaming Frog. Google Analytics and Google Search Console can also provide valuable data about your website. The best SEO audits use multiple tools in combination with a manual review to ensure you have all the information you need to maximize your search traffic. Comprehensive SEO audits analyze every factor that goes into your search engine optimization performance.

Frequency is the biggest difference between an SEO audit and an SEO analysis. An SEO audit is traditionally a one-time service that analyzes a website’s performance. An SEO analysis is an ongoing review of the factors that affect rankings for the most popular search engines. Ongoing SEO offers the best results for achieving your goals.

There are a number of ways to ensure you choose the best SEO audit service provider. Reviews can be beneficial when screening any digital marketing services, including SEO.

An SEO audit report in itself is also an excellent way to learn more about an agency’s capability. Pay attention to the SEO audit cost in comparison to the information provided. Choosing an SEO agency specializing in on- and off-page SEO in your specific industry can also be beneficial.


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