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When it comes to searching for and hiring a law firm, people turn to Google to find and vet lawyers. The higher you rank, the more likely your firm is to be considered, contacted, and given the first right of refusal.

We help law firms capture those top spots and become a dominant player in their market. Whether you need more cases or just bragging rights – we’ve got you covered.

SEO Services for LAw Firms Looking to Dominate.

Help us understand which cases your firm is most interested in and we’ll build a custom SEO plan that will improve your visibility for the right searches.

We launched this service because we love to compete – so if you are in a competitive market or practice area – we should talk. If you are serious about growing your law firm, it will be the best call you ever make.

The Process

We’ll learn about your goals, study your competitors, and form a comprehensive
& personalized SEO strategy

01 Research & Strategize

We’ll Learn about your goals, study your
competitors, and form a comprehensive
and personalized SEO Strategy.

02 Audit and improve

Next, we will review your website, content,
link profile, and identify areas for improvement.
Then we'll go to work on solving those issues.

03 Build & Boost

After you have a solid foundation and your
content plan is in place, our team will go to
work on building your authority & increasing traffic.

Customers Reviews

RRobert Sirianni
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Great service. fast and very responsive. Got back to me with all my inquires. Plan to work with them in the future.
EEdward Bye
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Been looking for a company exactly like Stellar SEO for a while. Perfect for link building and so so helpful and responsive. Would be buying them a beer if they were in the UK.
MMichael Austin
Read More
Travis and the entire Stellar SEO team have been a pleasure to work with. We are going on 9 months with them and we have been extremely pleased with the success and attention to detail with our campaign. SEO gurus!
Read More
Courteous and frank. Could have roped us in to something we couldn’t afford and wouldn’t have helped. Instead, gave us good pointers and told us that his services wouldn’t be worth our expenses. Very helpful and frank.
Read More
Travis and the team at Stellar have truly lived up to their name over the last year of working together. As an enterprise brand, they’ve taken great care to not only meet our specific needs but exceed them. We’ve seen some great results already..
TTroy Christensen
Read More
Stellar SEO did an outstanding job with my SEO requirements. I saw a 75% jump in traffic due to what Travis and his team did for us. Travis is easy to work with and takes time to explain the ins-and-outs of what needs to be done...

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Frequently asked questions

We take a comprehensive approach to law firm SEO, meaning we cover all the bases to get your law firm’s website better search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization has three main pillars: technical SEO, content writing & optimization, and link building. Local SEO adds a few additional layers, like GMB optimization & citation building.

When we build your strategy, we will cover the following areas, on an as-needed basis. This keeps your budget and resources focused on the areas that will make the biggest impact for your law firm.

Here is a more detailed overview of our process and services.

Competitor Analysis

SEO is a competitive sport. You are facing off with competing law firms, so you must be willing to invest into beating them. To determine what your competition looks like, we will conduct a competitor analysis to identify deficiencies in your keyword targeting, content, and link profile. Armed with this knowledge, we help you define a strategy and ensure that the proper resources are allocated to make your SEO campaign a success.

Technical SEO

Finding and fixing technical SEO issues is a fundamental part of improving your search engine rankings. During the audit phase, we complete a comprehensive review of your website, including a look at site speed and technical SEO issues. Once uncovered, we work with you and your web developer (or website platform/service) to get these issues resolved. We do not offer website design or development services as we specialize in link building & content marketing.

Content Strategy Development & Content Optimization

When analyzing your target market and competing law firms, we identify weak spots in your existing content. This could be a lack of pages covering critical topics, poorly optimized existing pages, or most commonly, a little of both. This process uncovers where you can improve, what keywords to target, and how your content should be written for maximum visibility. We can write the content or share the data with your writing team.

Link & Anchor Text Audit

Link building is a major component of law firm SEO. The links currently pointing to your site could be creating issues that are decreasing or negating the impact of your other digital marketing efforts. For this reason, we start with a review and develop a corrective plan. Unless you have a manual link penalty, we rarely suggest disavowing links. Instead we like to replace the bad with good, all while correcting any existing anchor text ratio issues. We have found this to be the most effective approach, when properly executed.

Link Building Strategy Development

In addition to correct issues with existing links and anchor text profiles, we develop a link building roadmap. This process allows us to estimate how many links are needed for each target page, what kind of anchor text should be used, and what types of links will be most effective. Your law firm will then have a better understanding of the time and resources that need to be dedicated to link building in order to catch and surpass your competitors.

Link Outreach

Having a sound strategy is critical. However, for your law firm to benefit, the strategy must be executed. Many law firm SEO companies shy away from link outreach because it is difficult and time consuming. At Stellar SEO, we are known for our link building services, so we charge in head first and help you overtake the competition by earning valuable link placements.

Local SEO

In addition to organic law firm seo services, we can also help your law firm with local (GMB/GBP) SEO. If you have one or multiple locations, local search engine optimization is a great legal marketing avenue. As with organic SEO, we will analyze your current situation and your competition to build a data-driven roadmap. Since local SEO is so diverse, this could include anything from location page optimization, to identifying shortcomings with your GMB profile.

Reporting & Revising

We track key KPIs to determine how well your SEO campaign is working. This same data allows us to make informed decisions about how and when to adjust your strategy. Starting with data benchmarks, we monitor your progress and adapt as needed. With Google updates coming more often, this approach enables us to keep your firm on top and ahead of the pack.

A good marketing strategy is diverse, measurable, and scalable. There are a number of ways to market a personal injury law firm. T.V., Billboards, Radio, and PPC Ads can all be an effective part of your overall marketing plan, but alongside those initiatives should be a spot for SEO. People turn to Google when researching law firms, to get more information about your firm even after getting a referral to you, and in many cases, it is the first point of information when they start their search.

If your law firm is visible, well-reviewed, and offers key information potential clients are searching for, you will make the right type of first impression. SEO for your personal injury law firm should be a priority because a good plan is worth its weight in gold.

The website for your law firm needs to be fast, user-friendly, and well-optimized for search engines. Some law firm website platforms are lacking, giving your competitors an advantage when it comes to SEO. In addition to SEO performance, your website must help visitors find the answers they seek while guiding them to take the desired actions on your website. If your website doesn’t check those boxes, it could be a good sign that you need to consider revising your site and possibly moving to a new platform in the process. We suggest WordPress for all law firm websites. That will allow you to own your website instead of “renting” it and the WP platform provides a great foundation for SEO.

Stellar SEO is a top rated link building and content marketing agency. Since personal injury SEO is such a competitive space, we have found a strong need for our link building services among injury attorneys, along with on-page SEO and content guidance. If you are in a similarly competitive area of legal practice, there is a good chance we can assist you as well, so just reach out and we can discuss your project.

If you are a personal injury law firm, here are some additional FAQs.

How Does SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms Work?

A solid personal injury lawyer SEO strategy consists of three core areas: technical seo, content optimization, and link outreach. This is true for business in any industry, including personal injury law firms. In order to improve your visibility, you need a strategy in place to ensure that your site is technically sound, that you have enough of the right types of content in place, and a plan to build the authority of your site through link building.

Stellar SEO is known for its exceptional content marketing and link building capabilities and as luck would have it, links and content are the biggest two drivers of greater search visibility for competitive industries like personal injury law firm SEO. When you work with us, we will find and fix the technical issues, build out a smart content plan, and help you skyrocket past your competitors with our award winning link building services. When it comes to SEO for personal injury lawyers, we build effective strategies consistently.

What Should I Expect As Part of the SEO Plan for my Firm?

As mentioned above, the three pillars of SEO are technical, content, and link building. While some companies shy away from link building because they find it difficult, you need a plan that covers all three pillars.

Having a good strategy going into an SEO campaign is critical to your success. As such, your SEO plan should include competitor research, a technical, content & link audit, all of which should go into strategy development. If your current company isn’t looking at the full SEO picture, it may be time to make the switch.

How Much Does SEO for Personal Injury Firms Cost?

The exact costs will vary based upon your location, competition, and the current state of your online presence. In most cases, a comprehensive personal injury lawyer SEO strategy will start at about $5000 per month.

In most markets, $7500-$15000 per month will allow for an aggressive, effective search engine optimization strategy for personal injury lawyers. Our typical project range is $5-$20K per month but, your exact costs will come down to your goals and current situation.

What Makes Stellar SEO Qualified to Do SEO for Personal Injury Firms?

If you research our company, it won’t take long to find that we are known as one of the top link building companies in the U.S. Link building is constantly ranked as one of the top ranking factors, especially in competitive industries.

Our team has the expertise to find and fix technical SEO issues, as do many other law firm SEO services. Where we pull away from that crowd is with our content and link outreach. If you and the other top personal injury firms in your market all have a technically sound website and content targeting the same keywords, authority (gained through link building) is going to be what puts one of you above the rest of the group. 

So, why work with us? Because we can do everything the other law firm SEO companies do, then leave them in the dust when it comes time to build links that help you dominate your market.

As the saying goes – “never outsource your core competency.”  Our in-house team will own the full SEO process, not outsource it.

How Does Content Creation Compliment SEO for Personal Injury Attorneys?

Content creation for personal injury lawyers is often one of the biggest early opportunities that arise when building out the SEO marketing strategy. As personal injury lawyers, you may serve a very select group of clients such as auto accident victims, or you could serve multiple injury types.

In either case, we have found numerous content creation opportunities using our competitive research process. This process allows us to build out content creation plans based upon real-world data. For example, let’s say that your personal injury law firm focused on car accident cases. If we were to analyze the keywords of your top 10 competitors, filter down to the terms related to auto accidents, and compare that against your current website content, it would likely uncover dozens of content creation ideas for your personal injury law firm.

The best part is, in a lot of cases, the granular level content will be able to rank more quickly. Even though the search volume may be lower than terms like “auto accident attorney”, people searching for those very specific types of phrases are more likely to connect with your content and turn into leads. This makes content a critical component of SEO for personal injury attorneys.

Do You Offer Website Design or PPC Advertising for Injury Firms?

No! We have built our reputation by specializing in our field – Content-Driven SEO. We can provide on-page SEO services and link building for personal injury lawyers.

As experts, we appreciate fellow companies that have developed similar levels of expertise in their own fields. If you want to become the dominant personal injury law firm in your market, partnering with specialized companies with deep expertise is the best way to do so.

While we do not offer website design or PPC services, we are happy to work alongside your PPC and web design company to create a cohesive strategy.

There are over 97,000 personal injury law firms in the U.S. fighting for those dream cases. The kind that elevate your firm to the highest level. Even if you are one of the best in your field, if you lack visibility in Google, you are giving away cases to firms that are showing up ahead of you.

If you, like so many others injury attorneys we have spoken with, are tired of poor search visibility causing you to miss out on great cases, get in touch today. We can’t (and won’t) work with everyone, but for those that are the right fit to partner with us, we can make a major impact.

Depending upon your target market, a combination of local and organic SEO may yield the best results. In order to determine the exact roadmap to follow, our team will start by reviewing the makeup of the search results for your keywords to determine which areas present the best opportunity

The exact cost of your campaign will be dependent upon the current health of your website, your competition, and your location. Our law firm SEO services start at $5000 per month and our typical range is between $5-$20K per month for a comprehensive campaign.

Understanding Law Firm SEO Pricing

When it comes to law firm SEO, pricing can vary considerably, based upon the current health of your law firm’s website and how far you are behind the top competitors. As law firm SEO experts, we complete detailed research into your market and determine how and where your site is falling short.

By taking this approach, we can more accurately determine how best to improve your law firm’s search engine visibility.

For example, let’s say that everyone ranking for “car accident lawyer” has a DR around 50 and 25-35 sites linking to their page while your site has a DR of 25 and only 5 sites linking to your page. We can reasonably predict that in this case, you would need around 20-30 links to be competitive and that we should target high DR links to help close up the overall authority gap. This is of course a simplified explanation, but the process works incredibly well.

When you hire a law firm SEO company, they should follow a similar process when pricing out the campaign and developing a strategy. Avoid cookie-cutter SEO for law firms as pre-built packages may or may not work for your unique situation. Without a clear plan, backed by data, you are going to waste time and money, while missing out on great potential cases.

You will be provided with access to your own tracking dashboard in which you can find details about traffic growth, goal completions, website health, keyword rankings, and more. Our comprehensive reporting dashboard can integrate with several external analytics tools as well, to help you see the “big picture” all in one convenient place. We also have monthly review calls to answer your questions, discuss key events, and to make sure our visions are aligned. In addition to scheduled reviews, you are able to email us any questions that come up along the way and our team will happily assist.


Achieving an exceptional digital presence requires experience, careful planning, and creativity.