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We are a digital marketing agency located in Nashville, TN, specializing in link building. We are known for the quality and level of customization that goes into every plan we build. We are also known for delivering Stellar results like this:

But this is how it all started…

Out of the Pan, Into the Fire.

In 2012, cheap web 2.0 link building and spun content (and so many other shady tactics) were rampant in the SEO industry. Low cost service providers were putting out misleading information about what a good SEO plan looks like, how long it takes to work, and what you should expect from a great SEO company.

Starting in 2011, a string of Google updates brought a new-found awareness to business owners, many of whom were severely impacted by Penguin or Panda as a result of cheap, shady, SEO practices.

2012 is also the year that Stellar SEO was founded. Launching an agency in the midst of some of the biggest updates to ever be released (at the time) taught us a few things that have stuck with us ever since.

As we got our feet under us as a company, calls were pouring in from small business owners whose sites were penalized and their old SEO provider up and disappeared when they needed them the most.

Even more strange, the SEO industry was still chalk full of companies offering the very services that were getting sites penalized. The state of the industry at the time made two things very clear.

  • Businesses need a service to help them recover from the “help” they received from shady SEO services.
  • Business owners needed to be educated on the difference between good and bad SEO.

Our Mission

Company founder Travis Bliffen set out on a mission in 2012, to educate business owners and marketing teams about SEO. Known for practical, actionable, and honest information, Travis landed a weekly SEO column at Website Magazine as well as published work on sites like Semrush, Search Engine Journal, Yahoo, and many other great websites. As Travis and Stellar SEO continued to gain momentum, a string of interviews and speaking engagements allowed us to help countless businesses re-strategize, rebuild, and recover lost traffic and sales.

Today, Travis is the acting CEO, and handles new client consultations. He is supported by a phenomenal team, passionate about producing engaging content and promoting it effectively through outreach.

Our Unique Approach

Here is what CEO Travis Bliffen has to say about what makes us unique as a company.

“During your first interaction with our company, you will notice something different right away. Instead of speaking to a salesperson with limited knowledge of SEO, you will speak directly with me or one of our other knowledgeable marketing consultants.

We have made a name for ourselves in a very crowded industry by demanding unrelenting quality from our team and delivering Stellar results for our clients. In order to do that, it all starts with setting an end goal and building a plan to reach it.

If you are relying upon a salesperson, chances are, your unique problems will be treated with cookie cutter solutions, that are not going to be nearly as effective. Having started in a time were penalty recovery services were in high demand, we quickly learned how to troubleshoot advanced problems and create effective recovery plans. This same approach goes into every plan we build, whether you are trying to recover from a penalty or simply trying to claim more qualified search traffic. I could say a lot about our team, but I think our clients say it pretty well for us” (see below)

Our Clients Say

 “Travis and the team at Stellar have truly lived up to their name over the last year of working together. As an enterprise brand, they’ve taken great care to not only meet our specific needs but exceed them. We’ve seen some great results already and with the quality of service we’ve received, I know there are more to come. Travis has a level of expertise and professionalism that confirms you are in good hands.”

You can see what other clients have had to say about by clicking here to view Google Reviews or here to view a collection of client testimonials.

Now that you know a little more about us, why not reach out and tell us about your businesses and the online marketing challenges you are facing. We just might have the custom solution you have been searching for.