Real Estate SEO Services


Our real estate SEO experts develop targeted strategies to transform your website into a magnet for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. Combined with your business insights, our deep understanding of search engine optimization can help your agency thrive among the ever-growing competition in real estate industry search results.

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is a search engine optimization strategy designed specifically for real estate professionals and agencies. SEO strategies geared toward the real estate industry help your website establish trust while turning traffic into converted clients.

With the right content, link-building plan, and a solid technical design, you can achieve better rankings in search engines. The real estate industry is highly competitive in most U.S. markets, making a strategic digital marketing plan that includes SEO important.

Our Real Estate SEO Process

Stellar SEO uses a customized approach to real estate SEO services. We help you elevate your real estate business by providing a comprehensive approach that covers each of the most important SEO ranking factors.


Research into your specific real estate market is a priority, making this the first step we complete when forming a new partnership. We take the time to get to know you, your real estate company, and your unique goals. We also take the time to get to know your area’s local real estate market so we have an idea of what we’re competing with. This also allows us to strategize a local strategy that gets your website seen in your target market.


The audit is one of the most important parts of our real estate SEO services. Before making actionable recommendations to help you achieve your real estate SEO goals, we have to first understand your website’s performance. A Stellar SEO audit includes a review of all SEO factors, including on-page optimization, off-page technical indicators, current search rankings, and where your competitors are ranking for local SEO.


It’s time to get to work after providing you with your comprehensive audit. In addition to the audit report, we’ll also provide you with a list of actionable steps to take to rank better for the search engines. These same changes can also boost user experience, helping your real estate business capture more leads.


At Stellar SEO, we’re in the business of offering full-service real estate SEO services. We provide your real estate business with all the tools you need to develop and implement a successful SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis includes in-depth research into your local competitors. Using this information, we can find what works and what doesn’t in your local market.
We can also identify any competitive gaps, including content or keywords that
your competitors use to rank, helping you capture more of the market.

Keyword Research

In-depth keyword research ensures your SEO strategy is targeting the most relevant search phrases in your industry. By comparing the most searched real estate phrases with your website’s content, you can perform better for search engines while ensuring your firm is easily found. We’ll help you discover the most searched and most relevant search phrases through ongoing keyword research.

Technical SEO

How your real estate website appears and performs to search engines is just as important as how your website traffic interacts with it. Search engines prefer websites with fast load times that are responsive, mobile-friendly, and have minimal to no broken links. Every successful SEO strategy should include a technical SEO review. Our team will review your report with you to help you better understand any necessary changes. We’ll even work with your development team to make the necessary changes.

Content Strategy Development & Content Optimization

Content is one of the most important ranking factors when it comes to real estate SEO. High-quality content is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your real estate industry expertise to earn trust among local home buyers and sellers. Strategically placed keywords and links within your content help optimize it for better search results. The best real estate SEO agency can help you strategize and develop content that achieves both results. We’ll work with your in-house writing team or employ our own writers and editors to create content in your field.

Link & Anchor Text Audit For Your Real Estate Firm’s Website

Internal, external, and backlinks are also a crucial part of achieving good search results in the real estate industry. Our audit includes reviewing current internal/external links and anchor text placements. We’ll also review what external links currently link to your website while looking for broken or mis-redirected ones.

Link Building Strategy Development

Google and other search engines measure a website’s trust using a number of factors. One of these factors is the number of external websites linking back to your real estate website pages. Our expert-level real estate SEO company has formed many professional relationships with high-authority, high-domain websites to ensure you get the best backlinks possible. More importantly, we will provide the strategic expertise to maximize the value of every dollar you invest into links.

Link Outreach

Obtaining high-quality backlinks that actually boost your real estate SEO results requires outreach services. You need a real estate SEO company with the expertise and connections required to acquire beneficial links. Our team handles the whole process on your behalf, from outreach to content creation, optimization, and posting.

Local SEO

Local SEO can be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to real estate SEO. Since your real estate company primarily focuses on local clients, you need a robust local SEO strategy. Online visibility is still important to real estate companies, and a local-based intent strategy with optimization of your Google business profile are two important elements.

National SEO

Many real estate businesses can also benefit from a national SEO strategy. Whether you want to target potential home buyers in a local area or reach online users to become a trusted expert in the real estate industry, an SEO agency is a must. A national strategy can also be beneficial for certain real estate businesses, like lenders or agents who offer services in multiple states.

Reporting & Revising

The best real estate SEO experts implement a collaborative effort that makes your team a part of the SEO and digital marketing efforts. At Stellar SEO, we promote a transparent partnership with frequent reporting. We also believe in regularly revising your strategy to continue meeting your real estate SEO goals.

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Why Does Real Estate Need SEO?

Search engine optimization should be a part of every real estate digital marketing strategy. Real estate SEO ensures local buyers and sellers easily find your agency. The most common method real estate clients use today to find a real estate agent, lender, broker, or contractor is with an online search.

In fact, experts estimate that as many as 99% of potential home buyers between the ages of 23 and 55 use the internet. Your business needs real estate SEO services if you want to appear in those search results.


With the right real estate SEO company, you can earn higher online visibility, beat out your competitors, and attract more potential clients. In turn, your SEO optimization strategy can lead to increased earnings. SEO is also perfect for beginner agents who are trying to find a place in their markets.

Why Choose Stellar SEO as Your Real Estate SEO Agency

When it comes to real estate, Stellar SEO has perfected the strategy you need to boost your search engine rankings. As a premier real estate SEO company, we understand the ins and outs of SEO and online visibility and how it applies to the real estate market. We have helped many agents and professionals boost their online rankings, specifically in real estate.

Our real estate SEO expert team prioritizes a custom approach that gets you results based on the most important metrics to you and your business. We put our clients first and take the time to get to know your business goals and needs before diving deep into your real estate websites or Google Business Profile.

When you work with us, you can expect transparency, honesty, and expertise that produces results. We also back up our SEO strategies with data so you know you chose the right real estate SEO experts for your company.

Other SEO Services We Provide

Real Estate SEO FAQs

The cost of real estate SEO services varies depending on so many factors, including where your real estate firm ranks in current organic search results and your desired industry keywords. Some markets are more competitive than others, which can affect the amount of work it takes to rank for certain keywords. Pricing may also vary between different real estate SEO companies and their process.

Cheaper isn’t always better. Instead, you need an SEO company that is experienced in your industry and helps you boost your organic traffic in your local market. Also, when you’re able to build brand awareness and rank higher, you can turn more traffic into potential customers, making SEO services well worth the cost. The best way to determine how much you should pay for real estate SEO is to talk with our team at Stellar SEO today.

Most real estate agents can benefit from SEO to boost organic traffic. Not all digital marketers or social media management strategies reach potential home buyers or sellers when they’re searching for an agent. Increasing organic traffic when the customer is at this point of the buying cycle produces quality traffic and the best possible results.

Yes, real estate agents can benefit from a digital presence. A real estate agent with a website has the ability to generate brand awareness and name recognition. A website is also necessary if you want to employ other digital marketing strategies, like paid ads or SEO. Today’s home buyers turn to the internet to choose a real estate agency, making a website a must for most real estate-based small businesses.

Google Ads can also help real estate agents reach their target audience through online searches. A digital marketing strategy that includes both paid ads and search engine optimization can be especially powerful for real estate websites. Online ads can also help bridge the timeline between implementing a search engine optimization strategy until the time you notice results.

If you want your real estate agency to rank higher or to boost your website’s visibility, SEO is the way to go. Specific SEO methods that show good results include analyzing your competitor’s SEO strategies, conducting ongoing keyword research, and taking advantage of GMB. Real estate agents who keep up with ongoing content that’s optimized for SEO also tend to have an advantage over other professionals. A blog post can help position your agency as a top leader in the industry.

Of course, the specific strategies you should use depend on your local market and goals. A custom approach is always better for SEO in real estate.

The specific keywords that you should target for your real estate site depend on your target audience and market. Some generic keywords that tend to have high searchability in real estate include “realtors near me,” “homes for sale,” “condos for sale,” or “real estate (Your City.) In-depth keyword research is the best way to find the right keywords in your market.

How long it takes for your SEO campaign to start showing results depends on a number of factors, including what keywords you want to rank for and how competitive those keywords are in your local market. As a general rule, it takes at least six months to notice significant changes to your SEO rankings. The best way to determine a realistic timeline for your SEO goals is to talk with one of our SEO team members today.

Yes, SEO has the capability to generate leads. Even better, the leads you receive from SEO are organic, which means you don’t pay per lead. Additionally, the leads are from potential customers who are already in the buying cycle and are considering buying or selling a home, which can make it easier to convert. Optimizing for the right keywords has the power to generate high-quality leads.

Local SEO focuses on local markets rather than larger, worldwide markets. A local strategy aims to rank your website higher in local search, often using city or county keywords. By optimizing your website with the keywords the people in your market are using, you can be the first real estate agency that comes up in search.

Since on-page SEO aims to satisfy both users and Google bots, it can be especially beneficial for real estate websites. 

Real estate sellers and buyers often have a lot of questions about the process, making on-page SEO extremely important. Your website is the perfect place to answer these questions. Realtors can also use their on-page content to implement specific local-based keywords while becoming trusted leaders in their own communities.

Building backlinks should be a part of every real estate SEO strategy. To rank better, your website needs backlinks from relevant, high-quality websites. Real estate professionals could reach out to these websites individually to obtain backlinks or outsource the task to an agency that specializes in it. Obtaining backlinks yourself can be expensive and time-consuming, often taking you away from your real estate duties.


Stellar SEO has a network of professional relationships that allows us to acquire good backlinks for real estate agents. Our team of writers then optimizes the blog posts, giving your company a good name and positioning your team as an expert in the industry.


Achieving an exceptional digital presence requires experience, careful planning, and creativity.