9 Best Link Building Tools

best link building tools and software

Links do not supersede technical and on-page SEO, but they are very influential as part of a well-rounded SEO strategy.

The process required to build quality links can be complex and time-consuming.

Today, we take a look at nine excellent link building tools that will help you run a more efficient and successful campaign in 2024. 

While the market offers many tools and software for link building, the most effective ones streamline your workflow by automating existing processes, including research, analysis, and backlink monitoring.

This eliminates the tediousness of manual tasks, freeing up time for more strategic activities.

We currently use four link-building tools (Ahrefs, Pitchbox, Link Research Tools, and Google Sheets) to secure high-quality, relevant backlinks.

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1. Ahrefs (Discover Link Building Prospects)


This link-building tool is a must-have. Yes, you can attempt to build links without it, but that would be an insane mistake.

Here’s why.

Ahrefs‘ crawler comes right after Google’s as the second most active.

ahrefs crawler bot


Image Source

Their backlink index also features more than 3 trillion live backlinks.

This makes it one of the most powerful tools for effective backlink research on the planet. For every pro-link-builder, backlink research is a non-negotiable daily task.

Ahrefs has also received accolades from the SEO professional community. Year after year, it is voted one of the top and most trusted link-building tools.

So, what makes this link-building tool stand out? Beyond its mega backlink index, it is the Content Explorer feature.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer provides link builders with a searchable database of over 9 billion pages. It is excellent for content research and a powerful source for finding link prospects.

Here’s how that works: If you are searching for link prospects for an article titled “10 best Content Marketing tools in 2022,” an excellent source for link prospects would be people who have previously linked to similar but outdated posts.

Most blogs worth their salt wouldn’t want to link to a piece with WordPress plugins that either aren’t available anymore or with outdated facts.

This way, you know your prospect is interested in linking to a post on the subject matter. You also see that their current backlink placement is outdated, so you simply pitch yourself as the solution.

To find posts that satisfy your search in the Content Explorer, type: “Content Marketing“, change the search mode to ‘In Title‘, and use the filter to show only pages published before 2017. You must also filter for pages in English with over ten referring domains.

ahrefs content explorer

The above process will show you pages similar to yours with outdated backlinks from 2016.

What’s cool is that Ahrefs also offers a tool to help you download the pages’ backlinks – Site Explorer.

Additional Features 

Ahrefs is great for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of any link building campaign.

It allows you to transform the complexity of link building into a more manageable and strategic endeavor.

Wondering what more Ahrefs has to offer? Find out below:

1. Link Building Research

Ahrefs equips you with the data and insights to conduct comprehensive link building research.

This allows you to identify industry trends, understand competitor strategies, and discover what types of content are gaining traction.

Armed with this knowledge, you can craft a link building strategy that is both informed and targeted.

2. Finding Backlink Prospects

One of Ahrefs’ core strengths is its ability to unearth many potential backlink opportunities.

By carefully monitoring your niche and keywords, Ahrefs helps nail websites and pages that are most aligned with your content and have the capacity to provide valuable backlinks.

This calculated approach will guarantee that your link building outreach efforts are focused and will yield positive results without fail.

3. Downloading Backlinks from Outdated Content

Ahrefs has the amazing capability of identifying backlinks from outdated or obsolete content, both within your domain and across the web.

This presents a prime opportunity for you to reach out to these sites, suggesting your updated and relevant content as a replacement.

The good news is that this not only aids in acquiring new backlinks but also in refreshing the web with more current and valuable information. 

4. Matchmaking With Link Intersect

Imagine having a way to find out who’s been talking to your competitors but hasn’t noticed you yet. That’s where Link Intersect comes in, acting like a digital matchmaker.

It helps you discover websites that are linking back to your competitors but haven’t linked to you.

 It’s like finding friends in common you didn’t know you had, offering a perfect icebreaker to start a conversation and build new connections.

5. Health Check-Up Using Site Audit

Similar to regular check-ups and how these can identify issues before they become daunting, the site audit feature goes over your website to identify the link-related problems that could be dragging down your SEO performance.

6. Personal SEO Alert System

Ever wish you had a personal assistant to keep you informed about new backlinks to your site? Enter Ahrefs’ Alerts feature.

This backlink tracker is like having an SEO watchdog barking whenever someone links to your site.

It keeps you in the loop, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to thank a new friend or capitalize on a fresh backlink opportunity.


ahrefs pricing

To research and see other sites’ backlinks (not your own) and use Content Explorer and Site Explorer, you must subscribe to Ahrefs, which starts at $99 monthly. That said, if you want to see your website’s backlinks, it is free.

This can be done with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT).

Ahrefs offers four plans:

  • Lite Plan: This plan starts at $99 monthly
  • Standard Plan: The Standard Plan starts at $179 monthly
  • Advanced Plan: This plan starts at $999 monthly
  • Agency Plan: The Agency Plan starts at $999 monthly

The significant difference between each plan is the number of seats permitted, the number of days you get, and the number of projects you can run. 

Ahrefs also recently introduced various add-ons that you can include in your plan, offering users additional flexibility.

2. Pitchbox (Find Influencers and Bloggers)

pitchbox link building software

Link building is time-consuming, especially doing outreach. Pitchbox is a link-building tool built to ease the process, particularly for SEO agencies, brands, and publishers.

It has received accolades from dozens of well-known SEO practitioners.

link building tool loved by SEOs

The tool’s goal is to help you find influencers and bloggers, reach out to them, build relationships, and ease your outreach efforts. Pitchbox also provides follow-up features to help users close deals.

Because it has so many features, a walk-through is the best way to explain the tool.

Let’s say you run a mobile development app website and seek exposure via bloggers and influencers for your article.

Here’s how you’d do so with Pitchbox:

You need to create a new campaign on the platform. Then choose Blogger Outreach.

Next, you’ll target bloggers that talk about mobile productivity apps. This outreach platform provides a drop-down list of keyword research suggestions you can pick from so you don’t have to obsess over getting the correct phrases.

pitchbox software for link building new campaign interface

After this stage, you’ll be directed to the outreach email template page on Pitchbox. Here, you can create personalized outreach email templates to send to blog opportunities found via your chosen keywords.

You can then create several follow-up emails. Next, you can set up an email sequence by selecting when each follow-up email should be sent. For instance, you can change the date of your follow-up emails to 6 days. So it’ll send your follow-up emails at 6-day intervals.

PB link building tool campaign settings page

It’s important to note that Pitchbox uses a Smart-AI function and only sends follow-up emails if you don’t get a response to your initial email.

After this, you’ll see a list of your link-building opportunities. Pitchbox integrates with leading SEO providers like Majestic, SEMRush, Moz, and Link Research Tools. So you’ll be able to see the SEO metrics associated with each opportunity via their integration with those tools.

By tapping on the link of a backlink opportunity, the website opens within Pitchbox, and you can choose to pursue it or delete it. If you decide to proceed, Pitchbox automatically moves to the next option for you to inspect.

After preparing your options, you’ll be redirected to the page where you can send them your outreach email. You can also choose whether to use the auto-follow-up sequence you set up.

Once you get a response to your email, the automated follow-up sequence will stop.

The great thing about this tool is that you can receive your responses on the platform. You can also view details about your outreach contact on Pitchbox. For instance, you’ll see their Twitter account activity and can interact with them from Pitchbox.

link building program pitchbox communication screen

That said, when responding, you can manipulate the opportunity milestone depending on the stage of the pipeline your lead is in. There are also ‘reports and data’ that monitor all your backlink leads and their phases in the pipeline to ensure that no hot lead goes cold.

Additional Features 

At this point, you may think that you have learned everything about Pitchbox’s features, but you are mistaken.

Let’s look at additional exciting features below:

1. Campaign Management

Pitchbox’s Campaign Management is like your savvy social butterfly, guiding you through the bustling party of potential outreach opportunities.

It lets you navigate, manage, and execute campaigns with the perfection of a seasoned diplomat. Crafting personalized outreach has never been simpler while ensuring your messages hit the mark and garner genuine connections.

2. Advanced Search and Prospecting

This feature turns Pitchbox into a detective. It allows the tool to dig deep into the web to find prospects that align perfectly with your campaign goals.

Sherlock Holmes on your team? A win-win!

3. SEO Integrations

SEO integrations guarantee that you can reach out to the correct allies.

Imagine having a crystal ball that reveals which partnerships will elevate your SEO strategy to legendary status. As simple as that.

4. Email Automation and Follow-Up

This feature acts as the maestro conducting an orchestra of communications. It ensures timely outreach efforts that fall in sync and guarantees that conversations keep flowing and no opportunity gets lost in the ocean.


pitchbox demo request for pricing of link building tool

Pitchbox offers a custom pricing model. This means you’ll need to contact them for a price. But based on personal experience and reports this is one of the more expensive link-building outreach tools in comparison to its competitors.

The Agency package, for example, can cost anywhere from $359 monthly. Buzzstream, another popular outreach tool, has Agency plans at $99 and $299 per month based on your specific needs.

Lastly, Pitchbox has a trial period where they customize the solution to match your Agency and clients. They also attach a dedicated trainer to help you use the platform perfectly. Their trial period usually lasts a month but most times at your request they may add an extension.

3. Link Research Tools (Disavow Harmful Links Fast)

link research tools link building: link research program

This link-building tool manages nearly all backlinking needs. It collects data from over 24 sources, such as Ahrefs, Majestic, and SEMrush, to give you a holistic overview of your backlink profile.

From the link data this link-building tool provides, you’ll be able to discover relevant links building opportunities to capitalize on. They even offer the option of spying on your competitors for an idea of their current link-building strategies, as well as, scooping their top backlinks.

Whenever Link Research Tools discovers a backlink to your website, it calculates the potential risk the link can bring. This feature allows you to quickly avoid the problem associated with low-quality spammy links.

If you receive a Google Penalty for a bad link, Link Research Tools can help you find the data needed to recover from it. 

Now, Link Research Tools stands out because of the amount of data they have available.

Link Research Tools collects data from multiple sources, giving you a more in-depth look at your link profile.

The more sources that deliver information, the more insightful and accurate the data will be.

Additional Features 

Want to know what else makes this tool magical and how it can aid link analysis and recovery?

Read below:

1. Advanced Backlink Analysis

Require a feature that uncovers the crown jewels of your backlink profile? That’s the Quick Backlinks Tool for you.

This feature arms you with the top influential backlinks that provide energy to your website’s domain authority.

It is synonymous with finding your strongest allies amidst the endless online content.

2. Link Audit and Detox

Navigating the murky waters of backlinks can be daunting, but with the Link Audit and Detox feature, you have an SEO doctor at your fingertips.

This function diagnoses the health of your backlink profile, pinpointing which links are toxic and dragging down your search rankings. A quick wellness check-up ensures top-notch SEO and website health.

3. Backlink Profile Reporting

Dive deeper than ever with full-blown reports on your link profile from various sources.

Backlink Profile Reporting goes beyond fundamental analysis, allowing you to slice and dice link data using various metrics. 

This isn’t just a report; it’s a strategic document that guides your link-building efforts and ensures you make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.

4. Link Detox Boost and Google Penalty Recovery

When facing the challenge of disavowing harmful links, time is paramount.

Detox accelerates this process, making sure Google acknowledges your efforts swiftly.

This feature is your fast pass to recovering from penalties, ensuring that your path to redemption in Google’s eyes is quick and efficient.

5. Link Opportunities

This feature is akin to having an experienced mentor. Instead of simply identifying places where you can grab backlinks, it analyzes the likely significance of these links in relation to your SEO approach.

Consequently, each fresh connection isn’t only a supplement to your profile but also a calculated measure of taking your site to new heights.


link research tools pricing - best link building tools guide

The Link Research Tools offers one pricing package called Link Research Tools Full suite with various plans.

The Link Research Tools Full suite includes four plans. It starts with a $17 trial for seven days and then renews at $499 monthly. 

The other plans cost $799, $1999, and $2,999 monthly. This is one of the most expensive link-building tools on this list.

That said, the Link Research Tools pricing page has a website analyzer that helps you check your site and determine the best plan for you.

4. Google Sheets (Organize your Workflow)

google sheets for link building

Every link builder loves Google Sheets. Though you don’t use it in the proactive backlinking process and can’t technically call it a link-building tool, Google Sheets is the perfect solution for planning, sorting, and organizing your workflow.

You can use the solution to adequately manipulate your data by analyzing web scrapes to discover prospects, store prospects lists, track progress, and identify and record successful backlinks.

The coolest aspect is that it’s a great way for your entire team to collaborate on the link-building project, as you only need a single sheet per project.

A single collaboration location will help you streamline your workflow. This makes the solution robust and versatile enough to create a workflow around it.

Regarding its usability, if you know how to use Microsoft Excel, you’d feel right at home with Google Sheets. It also allows you to download add-ons and write custom codes.

Additional Features 

True that Google Sheets may sound like an odd addition to this list, but wait until you find out what it can do for you:

1. Custom Backlink Tracking Dashboards

Google Sheets lets you build custom dashboards that track the health and performance of your backlinks in real time.

With a bit of setup, you can monitor key metrics such as link status, domain authority of linking sites, and the anchor text used. Customizability means you can channel your dashboard to reflect the KPIs that closely match your strategy.

Result? A clear view of your link profile’s strengths and weaknesses becomes evident.

2. Collaborative Outreach Campaigns

One of Google Sheets’ standout features is its collaborative nature, making it an ideal platform for managing link-building outreach campaigns.

You can share your sheet with team members and outreach partners, resulting in real-time updates. Moreover, you also enjoy real-time tracking of outreach efforts, responses, and link placements.

This seamless collaboration ensures everyone is on the same page and can contribute to the campaign’s success.

3. Integrating SEO Tools for Automated Data Import

The integration of SEO tools and platforms with Google Sheets enhances its potency, thanks to APIs or add-ons.

This amalgamation facilitates automatically importing backlink data from your desired SEO tool into sheets, mitigating redundant manual entry errors and hastening work processes.

Whether you wish to monitor competitor profiles, monitor freshly unearthed links, or track link removals, integrations bolster efficiency while ensuring information stays current.

4. Advanced Analysis with Custom Formulas and Scripts

Google Sheets gears advanced analysis through custom formulas and scripts. You can set up conditional formatting to highlight links from high-authority domains or use scripts to automate the detection of broken links.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Uncover insights and polish your strategy to channel better results.


Google Sheets is free of charge and comes with the Google suite alongside Gmail, Docs, Drive Slides, etc.

5.Hunter.io (Lightning Fast Email Address Finder)


This link-building tool can find every email associated with a particular person or domain in seconds.

An Ahrefs study revealed that Hunter.io isn’t the most accurate email finder service.

Here are the results from the study:

hunter io email finder screen

Image Source

ahrefs test of email finder link building tools

Image Source

Hunter.io only offers an 84% accuracy in email discovery, whereas Voila Norbert found the right emails 92% of the time.

However, its other feature, the Google Sheets add-on, saves this tool and makes it stand out for link prospecting at scale.

This is the reason we’ve chosen Hunter.io instead.

Hunter.io offers something more. After you’ve exported a couple of link prospects from your link-building tool of choice and imported them to Google Sheets, you’ll see that the export file will usually include the author’s name, depending on the tool used.

The Google Sheets Hunter.io add-on allows you to find matching email addresses for all the prospects with a single click.

Obviously, from the Ahrefs study we’ve just seen, this will not discover a matching email address for all prospects, but it will get enough of them to be extremely useful.

What this tool lacks in accuracy, it makes up for in bulk searches, which is a non-negotiable aspect of link-building prospecting.

Additional Features 

While Hunter.io may be well known for its ability to find and verify emails, its true value extends far beyond this realm into SEO and link building.

Learn how this tool can be the perfect game-changer for your backlink strategy when compared to other link building tools:

1. Streamlined Email Discovery for Outreach

At the heart of successful link-building campaigns lies effective outreach.

Hunter.io excels in streamlining the process of discovering email addresses associated with websites and domains of interest.

This capability lets you quickly find the contact information of website owners, bloggers, and journalists, making it easier to enable guest posting, collaborate on content, or request backlink opportunities.

2. Email Verification to Boost Outreach Success

Email verification ensures that no outreach efforts go in vain. Prior verification reduces bounce rate, and increases click rates.

This improves your campaign’s efficiency and helps maintain your sender reputation, which is crucial for ongoing outreach success.

3. Domain Search for Expanding Outreach Targets

Domain Search is a valuable resource for finding opportunities to acquire backlinks. By inputting a domain, users can easily access an inventory of email addresses tied to it.

This functionality is advantageous in identifying niche or industry-specific contacts who might be open to linking your content and enlarging your outreach list.

4. Templates and Campaigns for Efficient Email Outreach

Hunter.io creates, personalizes, and manages email outreach campaigns directly within the platform.

With customizable templates and tracking capabilities, you can craft compelling pitches, follow up effectively, and monitor the performance of your outreach efforts.

This integration guarantees a perfect workflow that maximizes productivity across all link-building campaigns.


hunter io pricing

Hunter.io starts with a free plan that allows for 25 monthly searches. The first paid plan is the Starter plan and it costs $49 per month for 500 monthly searches. This link-building tool also has 3 other plans; Grow, Pro, and Business, which cost $99, $199, and $399 respectively.

6. Google (The Biggest Link Prospects Source)

google to find link prospects - a free link building tool

When you think of Google, you don’t envision a link-building tool, but it’s a powerful way to discover link prospecting. This is primarily due to the search engine king possessing the world’s largest index of web pages and the leading search algorithm.

This means you need to know how to use it skillfully, and you can seamlessly discover thousands of quality link prospects at no cost.

How do you achieve this? Search operators.

These commands enable you to filter and sieve search engine results. Some of the search operators work only on Google, but some can be used on other platforms, like Bing.

That said, the search operators that are not unique to Google are powerful, as you can mix them up to get exactly what you require from its vast index.

For instance, you can use a combination of inurl and OR operators to search for relevant resource pages like this:

Your Keyword Here (intitle:resources OR intitle: resource) (inurl:resources OR inurl:resource)

link prospecting search operator example for link building

You can even use inurl, intitle, and the search operator to discover authorship pages for guest bloggers in your field.

For example:

Your Keyword intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog.

That said, using Google as a link prospecting tool has a significant problem: You cannot download your results. However, there’s a workaround involving browser add-ons that allow you to download SERP data. There are many options, including this SERP extractor tool.

Additional Features 

At first glance, Google may not seem like the best option on this list. But the truth is that this search engine has far more capabilities than you imagine.

Google Alerts for Real-Time Link Opportunities

Set up Google Alerts for keywords relevant to your niche to stay on top of new content and potential link-building opportunities.

Whether it’s a recent article where your input or mention could add value or a forum discussion where your expertise could shine, Google Alerts keeps you in the loop, ensuring you never miss a beat in proactively building your link profile.


This is an obvious one. Using Google is free, which is a win since some other tools are quite costly.

7. Moz Link Explorer (Reverse Engineering Competitor Backlinks)

link building tool:software - MOZ

Moz Link Explorer works quite simply. First, You must put your competitors’ domain or URL into the link-building tool.

You will then be able to see all their backlinks. The tool will also show link metrics like your competitors’ Domain Authority.

The standout feature is the Anchor Text Analysis. It lets you quickly view the most common anchor text in a website backlink profile.

The tool lets you dig into your competitor’s link profile and determine why and how it affects their Domain Authority.

Beyond this, Moz Link Explorer features a link-building effort tracker. This allows you to set goals, analyze your link-building process, and track it in an organized list.

That said, Moz Link Explorer offers basic functions at best compared to its competitors.

 However, it’s a great tool if you intend to use it strictly to discover link equity.

Additional Features 

Stay hooked if you are eager to learn how Moz Link Explorer can turn the tides in your favor:

1. Uncover Your Site’s Link Profile

Moz Link Explorer shines a spotlight on your site’s link profile, offering a panoramic view of your backlinks’ health, scope, and quality.

This tool lets you see where your links originate, the authority of linking domains, and how your overall link profile is evolving.

It’s like having an x-ray vision for your website’s backlink anatomy, clarifying what’s working and what needs attention.

2. Benchmark Against Competitors

Moz Link Explorer lets you take a sneak peek into competitors’ link-building strategies.

This strategy not only provides powerful insights but also acts as your secret weapon. You can benchmark your link profile against the industry’s best and identify areas for strategic improvement.

3. Identify and Capitalize on Link Opportunities

By examining the links your rivals share and detecting gaps in your profile, you can concentrate on new domains and sites for purposeful outreach.

This proactive method guarantees that you’re constantly ahead in boosting your backlink collection with top-notch and pertinent connections.

4. Track Link Growth and Optimize Your Strategy

Growth without direction can lead to missed opportunities.

Link Explorer by Moz offers detailed tracking of your link-building calendar, enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your planning over time.

Understanding what strategies yield appreciable results and which ones fail directly helps you refine and optimize your approach to link acquisition. This simply means more meaningful SEO.


Moz Pricing

The Moz Link Explorer is part of the Moz Pro package, which has four different plans, starting at $99 per month and ending at $599 per month.

8. SEMrush (Backlink Gap Tool)

Semrush Backlink Gap Tool

Backlink gap analysis is one of the most effective starting points for a link-building campaign. 

This is primarily because you’re using competitor insights to discover opportunities based on websites that get backlinks from other websites in your industry.

So you can use the SEMrush backlink gap tool as a comparison solution to see if your link profile matches your competitors’ and uncover hidden link-building opportunities.

To use the tool, you must type in your domain and input up to 4 competitors, then tap ‘find prospects‘.

You’ll see domain opportunities linking to other websites in your industry but not to you.

backlink gap interface on semrush

The whole idea of the tool is to close the link profile gap between you and your competitors by getting backlinks from hidden sources they aren’t using. It organizes the results by:

  • Strong: Websites pointing to you and not competitors
  • Weak: Websites pointing to your competitors more than you
  • Shared: Domains that link to every website you’re researching
  • Unique: Domains linking to a single website

Additional Features 

Semrush is not merely a tool; it’s a comprehensive suite designed for those who aspire to elevate their SEO and backlink strategy to unparalleled heights.

Let’s look at its solid features that are perfect for SEO and link building:

1. Comprehensive Backlink Analysis at Your Fingertips

Semrush’s Backlink Analytics tool peels back the layers of your website’s backlink profile, offering a granular look at the links that matter most.

From evaluating the authority of linking domains to tracking backlink changes over time, this feature ensures you have all the data needed to make informed decisions.

It’s like having a high-powered microscope focused on the intricacies of your link-building efforts, revealing opportunities and difficulties.

2. Spot and Seize Link-Building Opportunities

Link-building services rely on identifying the right opportunities. 

The Backlink Gap tool is programmed to unveil golden chances through thorough comparisons with your top competitors.

The tool highlights where you are going wrong and offers a path you can use to create a bridge for the gaps.

3. Clean Up Your Profile with the Backlink Audit Tool

Search engines prioritize a clean and healthy backlink profile. 

To ensure this, Semrush’s Backlink Audit Tool assists by going through all the links in your profile to detect those that may negatively impact SEO efforts.

This feature includes intuitive tagging and enables you to disavow potentially harmful links directly from the platform.

How does this help?

In theory, it provides accurate and actionable information. In practice, it provides many false positives, so I would always recommend LRT as an alternative for cleaning up your backlink profile.

4. Monitor and Report with Precision

It’s crucial to stay informed about your profile’s status. Customizable alerts notify you of new and lost links, while comprehensive reports make it easy to share progress with stakeholders.

This is all too similar to having a vigilant eye on your backlink landscape 24/7. And that’s exactly why it sounds great.


semrush pricing

SEMrush offers three plans, with the first starting at $119.95 and ending at $499.95

9. NeverBounce (Email Verification Solution)

Neverbounce Email Verification

You need to verify the deliverability of your potential link prospects’ email addresses before you send outreach emails. 

If you don’t, bounces can ruin the deliverability of your entire link-building campaign. Creating personalized email templates for them to bounce is a massive waste of resources and time.

This is one of the link-building tools that simplifies email verification. You just have to upload your prospects list, and the tool will let you know if each email is “invalid,” “valid,” “disposable,” or “accept all.”

NeverBounce also de-dupes your list automatically.

Its standout feature is the Zapier integration, which is divine if you’re like most Link Builders and can’t live without Google Sheets.

You’d only have to set up a multi-step zap activated when you input an email address into Google Sheets. It then pings NeverBounce, verifies the address, and automatedly inputs the verification status of the address into the exact Google sheet.

Now, the bad news. If you intend to run the above integration method, it’s pretty expensive. 

If you’re on Zapier’s $49 per month plan, it’ll cost you $0.0025 every time your zap runs.

But there’s a workaround. You can create a JSON importer to import data from NeverBounce webhooks in Google Apps Script.

Additional Features 

This tool empowers you to streamline your email marketing efforts by cleaning and verifying your email lists.

But what else does it offer? Let’s see how NeverBounce helps with linking:

1. Cleanse Your Lists for Optimal Delivery

NeverBounce meticulously scans your email lists to identify and remove invalid addresses regardless of size.

This includes typos, common mistakes like “gmail.com” instead of “[invalid URL removed],” disposable email addresses, and incorrectly formatted entries.

It also eliminates spam traps and unreachable addresses, preventing bounces that can negatively impact your “sender” reputation.

2. Real-Time Verification

The tool provides instant verification, a practical feature to block invalid email addresses from entering your lists initially.

By integrating this tool with your registration forms, you can ensure that only legitimate email addresses are added to your marketing channels, maintaining the integrity of your contact database from the start.

3. Flexible Verification Methods to Match Your Workflow

  • Upload and manage your lists through a user-friendly online dashboard.
  • Integrate NeverBounce’s verification functionality directly into your applications using their API.
  • Embed a JavaScript widget on your website’s signup form to verify email addresses during the signup process.
  • Leverage the Zapier integration to connect NeverBounce with thousands of other apps for a truly automated experience. 

4. List Analysis and Cleansing

You can get useful information regarding the condition of your email list for free by using the analysis service that classifies valid and invalid addresses.

Furthermore, 99% deliverability assures verified emails reach genuine inbox recipients, allowing you to streamline communication smoothly.


neverbounce pricing

NeverBounce charges per email verification for the following:

  • For up to 10,000 emails, NeverBounce costs $0.008 per email
  • For up to 100,000 emails, NeverBounce costs $0.005 per email
  • If you want to verify up to 250,000, NeverBounce costs $0.004 per email
  • For up to 1,000,000, NeverBounce charges $0.003 per email

So, What Link Building Tools Are The Best?

The above premium link-building tools list makes running a link-building campaign faster and more effective.

Time matters when building links, and it’s less draining to automate the process where possible. 

You also need to make data-backed decisions about where to get links and the quality of your existing backlinks. Using the right link-building tool can help ease the process.

While we have our preferred tools, the user interface and your workflow could lead you to a completely different set. So, do your research and test out other tools that solve the same problem until you find the perfect link building software or tool for you. 


Travis Bliffen is the founder of Stellar SEO. His background as a U.S. Army combat veteran and a dedicated business owner has shaped his approach to SEO, blending discipline, thorough research, business acumen, and a deep understanding of the evolving SEO landscape.

Travis Bliffen's expertise and contributions in the field of SEO have earned him recognition and features in several prominent publications, such as Search Engine Journal and SEMrush, where he has shared his insights and strategies for effective SEO practices. Since launching Stellar SEO in 2012, he has been committed to crafting tailored link-building and SEO campaigns for clients across diverse niches.

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